INTERESTING: Why do I need Halloween when I have night terrors?

Why do I need scary movies when I have night terrors?

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Problem statement
I never liked scary movies. And, I don’t see what is the big deal about Halloween. I get scared almost every night.

Ever hear about “night terrors”?

Discussed them with my new doc. He says no big deal. If they bother you, “we can try drugs”.

That didn’t inspire confidence.

I believe that both of my parents suffered with same problem.

Not that we ever talked about it. But, I think it drove both of them crazy and into alcoholism.

In college, I was an injineer. Drinking was part of the “fun”. And, I noticed a correlation between more than a modest intake and a good night’s sleep.

So I started this blog to capture my experiences and see if I can find either a cause or cure.

Nothing like being a “lab rat”.

Lest you think I’m nuts, which I may well be, here’s Wikipedia

I guess I’m fortunate. I have two symptoms with different degrees of intensity. Symptom #1 is sweating from the waist up. Symptom #2 is the resultant waking up — either with the ability to get back to sleep or not — after some duration.

I’ll catalogue the symptoms. And maybe a pattern will emerge.


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Why do I need Halloween when I have night terrors?

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