INTERESTING: Is there a “thumb on the scale”?

A fun experience was interrupted by the garish “commercials” pro-Obama anti-Romney 47%.

This brought an interesting thought: is ABC’s website providing propaganda support?

How is that accounted for to its stockholders?

Reported to the FEC?

Just seems odd to me. Revisited the site at random and got the same ad. Considering that the underlying story is “youth oriented” maybe this is an another “thumb on the scale” attempt. 

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One thought on “INTERESTING: Is there a “thumb on the scale”?

  1. It’s probably “bought” commercial time. At some point I must have filled out something that labeled me an Obama supporter (Actually, if I was anything it would have been a Ron Pauler — right now I’m not absolutely sure WHAT I’ll end up doing E-Day.) I would guess that I have gotten close to a thousand “Send Obama $3 for his birthday!” type emails in the past six to ten months. Not as obnoxious as phone calls, but still….

    Hmm… I haven’t tried opting out simply because I find the campaign interesting, in a negative sort of way. But I wonder if I *did* opt out whether those mails would really stop coming?

    – MJM

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