SERVICE: Son of CARDSCAN, ScanBizCards, panders for business. Fool me once …

Dear Dymo CardScan customer,

As you may already know we discontinued CardScan At Your Service (AYS) at the end of last year. AYS was an online service integrated with the CardScan which synced all your cards to a web-based database, for backup and to manage your contacts from any browser. Instead we have selected a powerful, comprehensive replacement service provided by ScanBiz Mobile Solutions and have made it available to former AYS users since February. We now invite all CardScan users to consider the ScanBizCards Web Sync service.
The ScanBizCards solution is comprised of:
1. Web Sync: A web-based account to backup and manage all your contacts from any browser
2. CardScan Sync: a Windows desktop utility to keep your CardScan database (CDB) files in sync with your Web Sync account on the web.
3. ScanBizCards mobile apps: optional mobile apps to carry all your contacts with you on your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone and (coming soon) Blackberry.

The ScanBizCards solution provides many of the same features as AYS – and much more:
* Cloud backup and sync: keeps all your CardScan contacts in sync with your private Web Sync account in the cloud. Every card you scan and every edit you make to existing cards is automatically uploaded to the web.
* Bi-directional sync: syncing is both ways – every card you create or edit on the web updates the corresponding CardScan database (CDB) file on your local desktop. Installing the ScanBizCards Windows utility on a new desktop automatically creates a copy of all your CDB files. Note: syncing cards down to the desktop is only available for Windows.
* Many powerful web-based features such as:
– Browse and edit all your cards on the web from any browser
– View cards in “thumbnail view”, or a more efficient list view, or even on a map of the world (Map View)
– Export cards to various applications / email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Mac Address Book – or create a generic Excel CSV for other apps.
– Quarterly “keep current” system: send a request to your contacts asking them to review and update their own contact information (coming soon)
* CRM integration: available right now to, SugarCRM and Daylite (from the iOS or Android mobile apps), more CRMs planned for this summer (please ask us for the one you use).
* Human transcription: don’t have time to review scan results for accuracy? Just submit cards for human transcription and the ScanBizCards transcription team will do it for you
* Go mobile: carry all your contacts “in your pocket” at all time by installing the ScanBizCards mobile apps on your iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry (coming soon). Please check for more information.

Getting Started
The ScanBizCards solution costs $20 for the first year and $10 for each additional year thereafter. Click for more information about signing up and installing the Windows CardScan Sync utility. Note: for Mac users a web-based CDB upload method is available instead, click for more info.

Please email with any question or issue or call +1 (646) 926-4095 (New York)


The DYMO team

DYMO, a member of the Newell Rubbermaid family of brands.

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And, why should I trust “you” again?

You promised a free service if I bought your over-priced scanner. I did. You reneged. Now you want to sell me the same service?

fuhgeddaboudit! (translation from the Brooklyn dialect: “forget about it” with a sneer.) 

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2 thoughts on “SERVICE: Son of CARDSCAN, ScanBizCards, panders for business. Fool me once …

  1. No question that CardScan users counted on that service being provided for free in perpetuity (regardless of wether or not “forever” was really stated – it wasn’t). The mistake Dymo made was to underestimate the cost of maintaining the service and host the data – it should have been a paid service for a modest yearly fee from the start. The silver lining though is that ScanBizCards is a software company and the $10/year (plus one-time fee of $10) is such that it does cover hosting costs for the average user and therefore we really do have no reason to ever discontinue the new service – so DO trust us (call it a 2nd time if you will) :-)!

    We also hope the new offering offers much more than the previous solution, starting with the sophisticated ScanBizCards companion mobile apps to carry all your CardScan contacts in your pocket + scan more cards on the go.

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