MEME: Often stats can show where our memes and paradigms are wrong


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0216 is what time I wrote it. (Meaning the message,)

No, I just haven’t slept through the night in many years. The new doc is not happy with that and the sweats and other “symptoms”. So I am keeping a log for him.

I attribute the problems sleeping to the last six years of “training”. You might remember that EVY would say I would sleep through an atomic attack. As she got sicker, I “taught”my self to be a light sleeper and wake up often.

Like putting the cellphone on vibrate and have it alarm every thirty minutes. Slept with it rubber banded to my hand. That was so I could check her for low sugar during the night.

Rofl! How dumb was that?

Now I can’t sleep without a light on. When she would be in hospital (working with Brit and for a Brit i the past has rubbed off a little. Bloody hell!)

Any way, about the light on, when she was in the hospital, I began to sleep with the light on to remind me that she wasn’t there. This after a couple off times in a panic when she was NOT there and didn’t answer when I called her. Followed by a furious race around the house to “find” her. Quite funny really. Why would someone look in a cupboard? Or, another time, in my skivvies, checking the cars. Lucky I didn’t get arrested as a pervert. Anyway, you KNOW how crazed I was in those days. So, I started that habit and continue it to this days.

Like every room has to have a night light after the time she tripped over her blanket going to the bathroom.

Looks like Christmas lights around the house. Good thing they have sensors.

I have several techniques to get back to sleep as outlined in various self help books.

One is called “clearing”. The theory is that in trying to go back to sleep, you clear by writing any thinking that’s on your mind at that time. Some of my short stories are the result of that. If you’re “trying” to sleep, you might be afraid you’ll forget and the Universe keeps you awake so you don’t

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And you’ve read my book and my blog so you know more about my paradigms and memes than I do about yours. Lol! Probably more than you want to know about a very very strange fellow!!!

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Most times when I’m upset about something if I actually gather data, I find my perception (paradigm) is flawed. In size, amount, impact, or other measures.

Statistic is an interesting discipline because usual human paradigms and memes are just plain wrong!

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What’s this 0216 crap? Did I cause you to lose sleep? I know you said you have trouble…maybe when I get up there I will have to bring some sleep tips.

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INTERESTING: “Ineptocracy” sparks thinking about “National Negative Feedback Loop”


Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

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Hmm, is getting smarter or finding new sources of wisdom on the inet to parrot? 

This sparks me to try an alternative definition of “negative feedback loop”. Ingineers use these to “damp” down oscillations and prevent “runaways” aka “positive feedback loop”.

Here goes:

“National negative feedback loop for productivity and wealth creation: A situation where the balance of producers and consumers tips to consumption. The political class gains advantage by promising more consumption for consumes by robbing the wealth of the producers. Producers, being the more intelligent and productive members of the “hive” recognize that they are getting <synonym for the past tense of the procreation act> and “damp” their productivity to a level sufficient for their own needs. This deprives society of the capital necessary to improve the capital stock of society as a whole. Think the “king” orders the “seed corn” be made into bread for distribution at the circuses. Clearly a downward spiral in entropy. This can only be broken by a catastrophe. A national revolution that wipes out the political class and replaces it with more enlightened “rulers” (e.g., French Revolution). A natural disaster such as Rome burns. Human evolution develops a new releases of “homo sapiens” that is hardier than the current release and “pushes out” the old version of humans (i.e., Rome is sacked by the Barbarians). “We, The Sheeple” rise up in a tax revolt (i.e., the Tea Party).”


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