GOVERNACIDE: Lat’s call it “Decoration Day” again; that should be the focus

May 25, 2012
Does Your Rep Really Believe the Troops Are Fighting for Freedom?
Posted by James Wilson

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Politicians send troops abroad to die. Then they bestow fake honor on them at home. It’s called Memorial Day.

Chances are EVERY member of Congress will be back in their district, pontificating and posing as a patriot, who values the sacrifice of the fallen.

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Maybe I’m a curmudgeon. Maybe I’m a cynic. Maybe I’m just a disagreeable SOB.

But I’m a vet.

And, I feel that I, and all other vets, were screwed by the political governing class.

The icon is Robert McNamara.

He knew the truth about “Viet Nam, Republic of”, but played along with the “gag”.

He confessed later on.

Too late for 55k boys who made the ultimate sacrifice because they weren’t in on the “gag”.

Ditto for WW1; Wilson’s war. Ditto for WW2; FDR’s war. Ditto for Korea; Truman’s war.

Sorry, but “We, The Sheeple” have put a stop to politician’s standing on the graves of a lot of good men and women to make their speeches.

Time to call them to account.

When the “enemy” arrives at the water’s edge, then, and only then, should we be asking the youth to defend their land.



Not in the least. 

Dissent is by definition patriotic.

Like Ron Paul says: “… first thing smoking coming in this direction …”!

Sorry, but I think the best way to honor Decoration Day is stop creating more graves to “decorate”.

And, the fact, that a charity has to pander on TV for funds to take care of the “wounded warriors”, is further national disgrace.

Tell me about how that’s fixed and the girls and boys aren’t wasting their blood, then you can celebrate “Memorial Day”.

Argh! To the n-th power.

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