GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Family farms … the latest target?

The Wholesale Slaughter of America’s Family Farms
by Jonathan David Morris

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Case in point: Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis and her unbridled effort to obliterate family farms.

Last August, the Department of Labor looked around, scratched its head, and decided the new thing it should focus on was applying child labor laws to agricultural settings. Offhand, you’re thinking, “Well, shouldn’t they be applied?” Well, sure. In a corporate feed lot. What we’re talking about here is the use of children on farms that those children’s families own. Put into practice, these laws will, in the words of a Department of Labor press release, prohibit children under the age of 18 from “being employed in the storing, marketing, and transporting of farm product raw materials.”

Furthermore, the laws would designate a number of farm-related places as completely off limits to children. Dangerous places like country grain elevators. And silos. And… livestock auctions?

Our country isn’t as loaded with family farms as it used to be hundreds of years ago, but such farms do, indeed, still exist, and these child labor laws would do nothing short of hurt them.

According to Secretary of Labor Solis, the reason for this move is simple. “Children employed in agriculture are some of the most vulnerable workers in America,” she says. “Ensuring their welfare is a priority of the department.” It doesn’t take a genius to know that any time the government cites the children as a reason for an action, all of us should be extraordinarily nervous.

So let’s look at what these laws would accomplish, before we determine why.

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Obviously, just another payoff to “Big Something”. 

By “Big Something”, just consult the Sheeple’s dictionary: 

“Big Pharma”, who controls the FDA. “Big Labor”, who got the lion’s share of the GM takeover. “Big Banks” who got the bailout to loot the Treasury.

So in this example, the Big Corporate Farmers are getting a subsidy  from the taxpayer directly and indirectly. Wonder who pays for the lobbying. And, campaign contributions. Think back as to “cui bono” (i.e., who benefits) from the genius idea to put food plants into our gas tanks when a large chuck of the world’s population is starving? If you think the Consumer or the Taxpayer, then I have a bridge to sell you!


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