GOVERNACIDE: “Prostitute-gate” gets a bigger reaction than “Fast and Furious”

Another Letter from A.X. Perez

Anyone who has any doubt about the pro administration bias of the media or the anti gun bias of our media need only look at the current Secret Service scandal. I may be mistaken but it seems to me that over the last two weeks the news have given more time to the fuss created by Secret Service agents trying to cheat prostitutes out of their pay than it has given the Gunwalker Scandal over the last two years.

Anyone who pays attention to things will note that more people have been fired, reprimanded, or allowed to quit over cheapskate gate (doesn’t even rate caps) than have been punished over Operation Fast and Furious. Apparently the Government “error” which caused the deaths of some two hundred or so Mexican citizens, plus American citizens killed because they were visiting kin in Mexico, plus at least two American Law Enfocement agents is less noteworthy than Secret Service agents defrauding whores.

A.X. Perez

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After all “Fast and Furious” only killed a few hundred people that we know about. “Prostitute-gate” allows them to rip the conservative white-male organization as part of the “war on women”. 

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