If you have to ask you have to ask, you dont need to know. Attention, Luddite, now you can worry. I’m on the FOURTH floor and the windows do open. Paint is progressing. ETA Friday. Furniture on Tuesday. No TV. Have to get one. No cable; have to call for install. Inet via Verizon mifi.

p.s., don’t believe Verizshit advertising mifi ain’t broadband. IMHO a 9600 modem would be better.

FUN: Interesting, imaginative visual, haunting words

Published on May 17, 2012 by TaylorSwiftVEVO

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Eyes Open. (C) 2012 Big Machine Records, LLC.

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As an old “swiftie”, is this our heroine sending out a coded message to the faithful about her recent alleged bob job.

As a tin foil hat, I can read into anything.

How does one sleep with their eyes open?


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Also, why is it “not  viewable from a mobile device”? Like an iPad? 

It the a deep plot by “VEVO” to get your to download their “free” IPAD app?

Does YouTube know they’re “stealing” their eyeballs and clicks?

Very interesting.

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