RANT: Gooferment protection is nonexistent; circular reasoning


But, see there is the “key fact”, the Gooferment ENABLES that bad product to make to the market in the first place. Then you think the Gooferment should “protect” us from it. It’s ineffective and inefficient. If makers were exposed to the FULL BRUNT of their mistakes, then they would be infinitely more careful.

The marketplace exacts a SWIFT and TERRIBLE justice on the “offenders”. Think Corvair. Think Thallidomide. Think Enron. Think … any good disaster. Yeah, the Gooferment got involved long after the train left the station. I remember TIME magazine breakign the Thallidomide story and had women stopping that drug LONG before the actual link was formally recognized in Europe. Which PRECEEDED the FDA by a while.

Yes, my little L libertarian “paradise” my be only in my dreams now. But it’s coming. Because humans NEED to be free. And, you can only surpress it for so long before it erupts. My exemplar is “drugs in prisons”. Humans are irrepressible; you can only kill them.

Good point about the the seat belts. But it was one passionate committed man who dragged Gooferment along kicking a screaming. Even some good things result from a big bad thing.

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