TINFOILHAT: Another assertion around JFK


Book claims JFK’s mistress was assassinated by the CIA ‘because she knew too much about his assassination’
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 17:09 EST, 19 April 2012 | UPDATED: 09:11 EST, 20 April 2012

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The suspicious death of one of President John F. Kennedy’s mistresses just months after his death has sparked numerous conspiracy theories.

The latest version posits that socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer, a beautiful divorcee who was close friends with the Kennedys and is widely known for having a lengthy affair with the playboy President, was shot in a cover-up operation by the CIA.

A new book alleges that, in her preoccupation with her lover’s assassination and ensuing personal investigation, she may have gotten so close to the ‘truth’ that the CIA found her to be a threat.

As a result, agency operatives staged a shooting to make it look like she died due to a sexual assault that turned violent.

Whether or not the theory is true, there are a number of questionable components to the story of the months leading up to her death on October 12, 1964.

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He goes on to say that she was later murdered by the CIA, who he believes organized the assassination of the President in an effort to stop him from preventing violent escalation that they wanted in the Cold War.

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This has all the earmarks of a good tin foil hat story.

But there’s just nothing to hang your hat on.

The assertion that the JFK assassination was to prevent him from going on a tear for “peace” has been repeated many times.

The assertion that the CIA is part of a shadow government again many times.

The mistresses, many times.

What’s interesting in this tale is the absence of a suspect. The connection to JFK. And, timing.

Did she get too close?


But this side of the Pearly Gates we will never know.

Baring a break through, I’d say that the evidence supposrts an assertion that we don’t know the real story.

Just on that basis alone, that’s enough to shut down the CIA.

Why do we have it?

Another vestige of the Cold War. And why I believe the word is a dangerous place, I’m not sure that the CIA makes it any safer. Too many rogue “elephants” tromping around.

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