SERVICE: CARDSCAN bait and switch

DO I get a refund for the overpriced scanner I bought with the promise of an eternal free webservice?

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Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 6:03 AM
Subject: CardScan At Your Service Update
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CardScan @ Your Service Discontinuance Update

Dear DYMO Customer,

We emailed you a few weeks ago that we were finalizing a solution to replace CardScan At Your ServiceTM. We selected a powerful comprehensive solution provided by ScanBiz Mobile Solutions and consists of two parts: the ScanBizCards Web Sync web-based card management application and the ScanBizCards mobile app.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Sign up for a Web Sync account at
Step 2: Access your new account at from the desktop where you are running the CardScan application.
Step 3: Look under the Account tab for an “Upload CardScan File” link. Use this link to upload your latest CardScan Database (.CDB) file.
Step 4: Your CDB will be processed to create all required cards in your Web Sync account. Note: the process will start soon but may take several hours to complete. During that time you may access cards already uploaded.
Step 5: (optional) Download the ScanBizCards mobile app and sign in with your Web Sync account (more info below).


Web-Based Features (Web Sync)

Full migration of all CardScan contact information including card images (both front and back), categories, notes and all data fields.
Ability to continue using the CardScan desktop application to scan cards-just periodically re-upload the .CDB file to synchronize your Web Sync account with the latest changes. Note:  faster and more integrated solutions will be provided in the future.
Edit on the web: no matter where you are, you will have easy access to your entire library of contacts but also efficiently edit, organize, share, export to Outlook®-and much more-right from your web browser!
Export cards to Microsoft® Excel, request human transcription of difficult-to-scan cards and view contacts organized geographically on a map.
A demo Web Sync account is available at

Mobile Apps
You can choose to install the companion ScanBizCards mobile app for the iPhone®/iPad® or AndroidTM phones or tablets, or Windows® Phone. As soon as you sign into the mobile app with your Web Sync account, all cards will be downloaded into your mobile phone. The mobile app also provides a long list of features not yet available in the web interface such as:

Sending quick intro emails to new contacts
Sending LinkedIn invites
Setting follow-up reminders in the Calendar
Exporting directly to and Daylite CRM
Export to (Jigsaw) and Evernote

To learn more about the mobile app’s 27+ features visit or watch videos at

The Web Sync service is offered at $20 for the first year and includes the ability to upload any number of CDB files + access to desktop synchronization solutions as they become available. 2nd year renewal and later are only $10/year.

Please email ScanBiz Mobile Solutions with any questions 24/7 at


The DYMO team



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POLITICAL: MYOB as a foreign policy

Who Commissioned Us to Remake the World?
by Patrick J. Buchanan

*** begin quote ***

We believe in freedom of speech and the press.

Yet, in France, if you deny the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians in 1915, you are guilty of a crime, while in Turkey if you affirm that the Turks committed genocide, you have committed a crime. Should U.S. diplomats battle for repeal of both laws? Or mind our own business?

If America wishes to lead the world, let us do it by example, as we once did, not by hectoring every nation on earth to adopt the American way, which as of now, does not seem to be working all that well for Americans.

McFaul should stick to his diplomatic duties.

Jefferson had it right, “We wish not to meddle with the internal affairs of any country.”

*** end quote ***

Seems pretty simple?

As Ron Paul said in the debates that “we” do to others what “we” wouldn’t like done to us.

No humility in our dealings with other countries.

When “we” get all our problems fixed here, “we” should still refrain from commenting on policies in other countries.

If they want to handicap themselves, that’s their business.


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