TECHNOLOGY: Strengthen All Your Passwords

Feb 8, 2012
Resolutions with LastPass: #10 Strengthen Your Master Password

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For the last installment in our resolutions series, we wanted to touch upon an important aspect of using LastPass: the strength of your master password. At LastPass, we’ve always touted we’re “the last password you’ll ever need”. With only one strong password to remember and a host of customizable security options, you can let LastPass take care of the rest. So it goes without saying, then, that your LastPass master password should be strong and unique while still memorable.

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I never use (i.e., reuse) the same password anywhere. I used to use my SecureId token to generate random numeric passwords. When it died, I moved to a book code to generate passwords. Then, I generated pages of random noise with as the tool.

(1) for websites that I won’t have to authenticate to manually, I let LASTPASS give me a random string that’s as long as the site allows.

(2) for websites that I will have type or tap in, I use four random words with a special characters as separators. And, I log in once from a real keyboard and let LASTPASS capture it.

(3) for bank accounts and other sites related to finances, I do the old fashioned random sentence like “wrong#sign#bridge#fall#down#nooo#partial#credit”. With a LASTPASS safe not with a reminder: “What did Doctor Zia say about a sign error? With #’s”.

I don’t trust anyone with my money. :-) Even myself.

Hope this helps?

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POLITICAL: Why doesn’t EVERY State have their own version of BND?

Taking from the rich and giving to…the rich
Mike Krauss

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As I reported months ago in this column, the administration is preparing legislation to provide rental assistance to those who need housing.

In other words, those who still have jobs and a home will be taxed to support “home rentership,” to make sure that the 1 percent get paid for the homes they effectively stole and will now rent back to the 99 percent.

Who will, of course, have little left in their paychecks or unemployment checks to maintain those homes rented from suburban slumlords.

Kiss your neighborhood goodbye, Morrisville and Lower Makefield. The Ozarks are moving in.

Is there an alternative. Yes.

Cities and counties from California to Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and even nearby Reading, are moving to use public funds — the common wealth — to form partnership banks that can not only get critically needed affordable credit flowing in local economies, but can also take vacant homes by eminent domain, and work with community banks, homebuilders, skilled trade workers, realtors and housing authorities to maintain these properties and put people back in them on affordable terms as owners, and rescue their communities from the pending Obama nation.

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It would seem that everyone is forgetting the “Bank of North Dakota”.

It’s unique in all the States. And, only does business with Gooferment entities. Political subdivisions MUST bank with BND. And, it has specific programs to buy assets in North Dakota. So a farmer’s mortgage may be held by the BND. So to corporate loans, mortgages, and venture capital funding.

They are in essence a one state version of the Federal Reserve working for the benefit of “We, The People”.

Surprisingly, it works and is apolitical.

Why doesn’t EVERY “State” have one of these?

Cause the Federal Reserve System would be out of business in short order!

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