INSPIRATIONAL: Veterans Take A Backseat

Devaluing the American Hero: Veterans Take Backseat to Sports, Entertainment Figures
Posted by Kerry Patton Feb 20th 2012 at 9:42 am in Featured Story
Written by New York times Best Selling Author James M. Pratt and Kerry Patton.

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In 2012, a ticker tape parade in New York City is reserved for a Super Bowl team while those who served in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 get a collective “thanks,” at best. A serviceman from New Jersey who gave all he had dying this year gets his parents or wife a flag from his coffin, while this week a flag at “half staff” is reserved for a famous singer from the same state simply because she gave us great music.  Should the same be done for Jon Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen when they pass? Should they be granted the same honors as our brave men and women who gallantly fight for our freedoms?

Basketball, baseball, football players, actors, and singers all receive financial and other rewards beyond most people’s wildest dreams and are all too often mislabeled in terminology  and public adoration as “heroes.”

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Sad that we don’t honor the vets.

Let’s bring them all home now.

Then, let’s work on getting our heads screwed back on correctly.

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RANT: Secondary authentication questions are an invitation to identity theft


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What’s your father’s middle name?

What’s your spouse’s middle name?

What’s your first child’s middle name?

What was your grandfather’s occupation?

What was the name of the first car you drove?

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Of course, everyone knows or can find out the answers to these questions.

To save the identity theives time and trouble, the answers are:






Yes that “w84 p6z e8u 22s” was some little car.

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Anyone see the LIFELOCK commercial where the identity thief steals your money by knowing Mother’s Maiden Name and some other factoid?

Yeah, you can guess how well that works.

When at the bank and they asked that question, I whipped out my sheet of one time passwords and with a straight face told the nice lady “dpdes5 mkkey9”. And, she said: “Seriously?” I quipped: “Yes, she was Armenian.” And, that ended that conversation.

Now when I go to the bank she asks how “dp” is. I say: “Fine”.


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RANT: BHO44 is stuck with the “gas price” crisis!

Richard Billies: “Barack Obama Claims It Wasn’t Me that caused higher gas prices, it was the other guys: Retweet it if you like it.”

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He did the following:

(1) Drilling in the Gulf? (But we give money to Brazil to do it!)

(2) No or slow oil leases.

(3) ANWAR off-limits.

(4) Keystone pipeline

What he could do today?

(a) Preempt all the “blends of gas” nonsense with a sweeping Federal regulation.

(b) Gas tax relief paid for by tariff.

(c) Tariff on gas exports.

(d) Open ANWAR and the Gulf

(e) Sic the IRS on the Oil Companies

(f) Have every Gooferment department come up with a real 1% cut.

(g) …

Guess that’s enough for the first day.


He’s hung with this millstone.

He might want to think about calming the Middle East as opposed to appeasing the crazies.

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FUN:ANWAR = Central Park

Government Alaska Lawmakers Ask Fed to Take Over Central Park to Point Out Hypocrisy
Posted on January 27, 2012 at 10:49pm by Tiffany Gabbay

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Perturbed with outsiders interfering with the right to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Republican Congressman Kyle Johansen introduced a resolution in Juneau Monday that gives those on the east coast a taste of their own medicine.

Thus, in the interest of preserving one of the few remaining glimmers of urban greenery left, Alaska state legislators are asking the federal government to take over Central Park.

Yes. The Central Park in New York City.

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You have to laugh when the shoe gets put on the other foot.

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