INSPIRATIONAL: Vets Day “Understanding the true price”


Here’s my reaction.

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Thanks, but there are others far more worthy than I to receive such a message. All I did was “defend” Maryland. Unfortunately, the US’s political leadership hasn’t measured up to the worth of the girls and boys who served. Argh! That’s why I’m for Ron “bring the troops home” Paul. Ten years in AfPak, two sessions in the sandbox, and open ended wars in six countries in Africa only highlights the absurdity of bases in Korea, Japan, and Germany. Time for a return to a good old American tradition of MYOB. Yeah, I know, grumpy fat old white guy injineer. But, “old soldiers” see things a lot more clearly in their dotage. That’s why we shouldn’t be allowing non-vets “chicken hawks” to send those young girls and boys out to fight. Not that vets are any smarter, braver, or stronger. Just that they understand what the price is. That’s what Vet’s Day is all about. Understanding the true price.

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