Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Destined to Be Crossed Out…

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Slightly off-topic—but nonetheless inspired by my perusing this physical phone and address book—I cast my eyes to the future and ponder what, for instance, people’s Facebook friends list might look like in ten, twenty, and thirty years. Of course, I conduct this speculative endeavor of mine in a metaphorical laboratory. Foremost, I assume that all things remain equal—i.e., pretty much as they are now on the Facebook frontier in, say, 2020, 2030, and 2040—which is highly unlikely. I also presume an unfathomable reservoir of long-term patience for inappropriate behavior, the bane of countless people’s Facebook walls, and not a bountiful human trait.

Okay, it’s the year 2035, and that guy with 1,263 friends in 2011 is down to 347. He hasn’t heard a peep from at least 163 of his remaining friends for more than a few years, and 42 of them have only recently disappeared from sight and sound, seemingly vanishing from both the virtual ether and face of the earth. And since Facebook doesn’t comb through obituaries and the Social Security Death Index, nor readily delete accounts, many of these missing in action friends are very possibly deceased, and more than a few are living in assisted living homes or—worse still—in nursing homes sans any access to Wi-Fi. Who would have thought that a Facebook page enduring long after one’s death might be an individual’s best chance at immortality? Life is full of surprises…and so is death…especially now in the Information Age…

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It’s well know that FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN don’t clean out the “dead”. Including in that, the accounts that are never logged on to.


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GUN: A bb gun stops a drunk

Crime Young Boy Saves His Mother’s Life By Shooting Drunken Attacker With a BB Gun
Posted on November 24, 2011 at 7:17am by Billy Hallowell Billy Hallowell

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It’s going to be a happy Thanksgiving for one Bellingham, Washington, family after a young boy took decisive action to save his mother from a vicious attacker.

Police say 11-year-old Kobe Sturgeon shot the man with a BB rifle after he drunkenly attacked his mother in the family’s home. Authorities are calling the young boy a hero for taking action during such a dramatic and chaotic incident.

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Let’s give the young men of our country REAL guns. And, just so no one thinks I’m sexist, let’s give them to the girls too.

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” — Robert A. Heinlein

With only a bb gun, the two legged varmint might have turned on the boy. Then, finished the job.

Even a 22LR would have been better.


Our pioneer forefathers must be turning over.

The RKBA is about being secure in our homes and to keep the politicians and bureaucrats afraid.

“God created man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

Give that man (OK, boy) a cigar. Good shooting.

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I’m not a “wym’s libber”. (I’d like to thought of as a “libber” wanting everyone — boys and girls — “to be all that they can be”. Rocket scientist, brain surgeon, or even Heaven Forbid a fat old white guy injineer.) And, I firmly believe that Giving Women Suffrage created Organized Crime (i.e., vote = prohibition = organized crime) as well as energized the “Secular Progressive” movement that caused many of the problems today.

That all being said, we here in the USA had best hope that these other countries don’t see the error of their ways. Islamic burqas. sex selection abortions, discrimination against women in professions, education, and property — all mean that we in the USA are competing against foes with half the human resources either wasted or destroyed.

Stories like this demonstrate that this is the baby elephant trained not to escape. Hook up a stout chain to a baby pachyderm. Then the adult can be held with a very breakable rope.

Hopefully it will be generations before these bozos can reenergize their lost capacity of women. In the case of sex-a-cide, that capability is lost forever.

How stupid is this?


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