RANT: Voter Fraud


Ex-Dem Congressman: Voter Fraud Is Commonplace, Voter ID Is The Cure

by Matthew Vadum

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Voter fraud is not a figment of your imagination, says former Congressman Artur Davis (D-Alabama).

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What’s the BIG deal about requiring identification to vote?

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POLITICAL: Bureaucrats go crazy when student opines; First Amendment?


Disparaging tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback lands Kansas teen in principal’s office
By Suzanne Perez Tobias The Wichita Eagle
Published Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011, at 6:06 p.m.
Updated Thursday, Nov. 24, 2011, at 7:22 a.m.

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A Kansas teenager is in trouble after mocking Gov. Sam Brownback during a mock legislative assembly for high school students.

Emma Sullivan, a senior at Shawnee Mission East High School in Prairie Village, was in Topeka on Monday as part of Kansas Youth in Government, a program for students interested in politics and government.

During the session, in which Brownback addressed the group, Sullivan posted on her personal Twitter page:

“Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot”

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Sullivan said the principal ordered her to write letters of apology to Brownback, the school’s Youth in Government sponsor, the district’s social studies coordinator and others.

Karl Krawitz, the school principal, did not return calls or e-mails Wednesday.

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“We monitor social media so we can see what Kansans are thinking and saying about the governor and his policies,” Jones-Sontag said.

“We just felt it was appropriate for the organizers to be aware … because of what was said in the tweet.”

Sullivan, 18, said she posted the comment because she doesn’t agree with Brownback’s policies, particularly recent cuts in state aid to schools. She is a registered Democrat.

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“In general,” she wrote, “students on school-sponsored field trips, in which they are representing the school, would be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with school district policies, including use of electronic devices. Students may express their personal beliefs, views, and opinions, as long as they do so appropriately and in accordance with school policies.”

Sullivan’s older sister, Olivia, a sophomore majoring in political science at Wichita State University, said she thinks the controversy amounts to Brownback “censoring the opinion of a student.”

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Reach Suzanne Perez Tobias at 316-268-6567 or stobias@wichitaeagle.com.

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Gooferment Skrules have to “protect” the politicians and bureaucrats. Heaven forbid that a “student” say something snarky about a politician.

Certainly seems like a First Amendment issue here.

And, apologize to bureaucrats.

I’d have written “I’m sorry you shmucks don’t understand the First Amendment. Get a lawyer to explain it in little words to you.”


(Note: this is another good argument why the Gooferment shouldn’t be involved in “education”. I’d call it propagandizing future voters. And, for the “student”, why use proper names? Good lesson in everything on the net is public.)

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Scott Silvay I have to disagree. Respect is a good lesson to learn. I think she’s right about the guy but there is a better,more appropriate way to express displeasure. BTW here first amendment rights weren’t infringed upon- she’s not being prosecuted just held accountable.

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FJohn Reinke Spoken like statist big gooferment bureaucrat. The Government Skrule is making the “student” do some things! that’s a free speech violation. The Skrule IS the Gooferment and is using force on the “student”!

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Scott Silvay That’s a tough argument. To imply the school can’t enforce standards doesn’t infringe on free speech it simply prepares the student for real life. You have free speech and you may not be arrested but you may lose your job or other opportunities. I applaud her thought but she could have expressed it better. Maybe the school just have her write him a letter detailing why he sucks (which he does)

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FJohn Reinke If it was a private school, that the parents had “indentured” their child to, then that school could enforce whatever standards that had been agreed to in advance or were assumed to be in force by custom. The fact that the Gooferment Skrule is an extension of the Gooferment mean that it can NOT infringe on speech. Period! In the real world, one doesn’t have this huge entity called Gooferment that is (supposedly) empowered to use crushing force on you. An employer can fire you, but they can’t force you to work for them like a slave. Telling the boss off as you quit is a time honored American tradition. Can’t do that to the Gooferment; it will kill you. Whether or not this politician “sucks” or not is not the point. If the “student” was praising him, that would be all different. Argh!

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Emma Sullivan, high school student, refuses to apologize to Gov. after tweet
High school senior announced she would not write letter of apology, which is due on Monday
BY Nina Mandell
Sunday, November 27 2011, 7:07 PM
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RANT: Let Natalie Wood rest in peace


Sheriff’s Department reopens Natalie Wood case

The coroner originally ruled the actress’ 1981 death an accident, but investigators want to talk to the captain of the yacht Wood and her husband were on the weekend she died off Santa Catalina.

By Richard Winton, Sam Allen and Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times

November 18, 2011

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Thirty years after Natalie Wood died off Santa Catalina Island, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Thursday that it was reopening the investigation into one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries.

Wood, 43, was boating off the island on Thanksgiving weekend 1981 with her husband, Robert Wagner, fellow actor Christopher Walken and others when she somehow went overboard and died. Officials at the time ruled her death an accident, but there has been much speculation since over whether there was more to the story.

Sheriff Lee Baca said detectives want to talk to the captain of the boat after learning of comments he recently made about what happened on board. Baca did not provide further details, adding only that the captain “made comments worthy of exploring.”

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Hmm, “Statute of Limitations”.


Waste of time and money.

Thirty years of forgotten memories.

Only on TV do these things get “solved”.

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POLITICAL: Ron Paul on “foreign policy”


Did Ron Paul win GOP’s national security debate?
Media-types seem to think Ron Paul more than held his own, which is no small feat, considering many of his ideas on national security are well outside the Republican mainstream.
By Peter Grier, Staff writer / November 23, 2011

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Which is where Congressman Paul comes in. It was him against the Republican world last night. His positions are often very different from those of his GOP opponents, and he defended them with his typical well-honed points. You’re reminded once again that he’s been at this for decades. Even longer than Mitt Romney.

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He said foreign aid is “worthless,” for instance. Really? Not even the other GOP candidates went that far. US cash is paying for much of Africa’s fight against HIV/AIDS, for instance. Is that not money well spent?

<<< NO! It’s not up to the politicians and bureaucrats to give the taxpayers’ money to foreign politicians and bureaucrats to supposedly spend on this or that. If individual taxpayers want to give their money to such a charity, that’s all well and different. Want to make a wager how much more effective that will be? >>>

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“I think the Patriot Act is unpatriotic, because it undermines our liberty,” said Paul in the opening moments of the debate.

The longtime libertarian was just getting warmed up.

“So if you advocate a police state, you can have safety and security, and you might prevent a crime, but the crime then will be against the American people and against our freedoms,”

<<< Warrantless searches, wiretaps, the TSA, the BATF, and on and on. It’s pervasive in the District of Corruption! >>>

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“let Israel take care of itself.” That meant, apparently, don’t meddle with Israel if it wants to bomb Iran, but don’t give it any money to do the deed, either.

<<< And, MYOB. We should be pulling all the girls and boys home immediately. >>>

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“They’re not cutting anything out of anything,” replied Paul. “All this talk is just talk.”

<<< He’s right all this “gutting and cutting” is really talking about the rate of growth; not the amount of spending. Only in DC is a smaller increase a “cut”. Argh! >>>

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If you’re for a real peace, then Ron Paul is the authentic “peace” candidate.

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