RANT: “chickenhawks”, a national shame


Friday, November 11th, 2011 | Posted by Jim W. Dean
The Last Bayonet Charge in Vietnam
A Veterans Day Retrospective on Our Veterans Today Senior Editor and a Marine – Gordon Duff
Intro by… Jim W. Dean

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In Vietnam, as with Afghanistan, we sent an army to a hopeless war led by the most corrupt leadership in America’s history.

In Vietnam, a generation of Americans was systematically destroyed, with the best and brightest of the generation “doing time” in Vietnam, combat units, while “bottom feeders” sat in Saigon and DaNang.

Those shirkers an “no accounts” have given us the America we have today, broke, addicted to propaganda and fear, obsessed with safety, a generation ducking responsibility and leadership, borrowing from tomorrow to steal today.

The number of members of congress who ducked Vietnam through imaginary illness, special arrangements for “safe” National Guard units or simply deferment after deferment created a list of “chickenhawks” that became a national shame.

Those that ducked service in Vietnam were the first to push for war after war for the children of those who fought.

Who would have imagined this or have believed they could have gotten away with it?

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The day after Veterans’ Day, and all the problems remain. And, the “chickenhawks” are trying to drum up a war with Iran.

Vote Ron Paul!

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RANT: Shunning Penn State’s TV game

I’m going to shun Penn State today. If its game today is on the tube — and I would have watched it — then I’ll just ignore it. Maybe if their ratings go down, even if just by one person, then they will get the message. Their conduct was deplorable. I don’t know what others will do, this is my small gesture.

p.s. The Penn State game is on ESPN at Noon. I suggest IGNORING it.

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TECHNOLOGY: The Vikings mysterious crystal


Sunstone satnav: How Vikings used mysterious crystal to guide them to America
Norse warriors located sun through clouds with Iceland spar crystal
Last updated at 12:44 PM on 2nd November 2011

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Ancient legends of Viking mariners using mysterious sunstones to reveal the position of the sun on a cloudy day may well be true, according to a new study.

Before the invention of the compass, Norse adventurers travelled thousands of kilometres across the oceans toward Greenland and most likely as far as North America centuries ahead of Christopher Columbus.

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Fascinating stuff. And, that the knowledge and wisdom was lost for centuries.


That’s even the better story.

And, what else have we lost?

Also, could this “trick” be useful today? It’s not like no gets lost.

How else can we use it? How did these “primitives” explain it to themselves and what does that tell us?

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