RANT: Here’s someone who gets it!


Mike McQueary Will Have to Publicly Live with His Cowardice: A Fan’s Perspective
By Pete Lieber, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Nov 9, 1:43 pm EST

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When the common citizen conjures up images of a “grad assistant,” they may picture a frail, nerdy, insecure college graduate living in libraries because their sociability is at its apex amongst books. That is not the case here. Mike McQueary is a tall and brooding red head, standing well above six feet and carrying 200-plus burly football player pounds. He was a quarterback at State College High School and Penn State. He is said to have been a vocal leader on the field in Happy Valley and a brilliant persuader of young men when recruting in a living room.

He is said to be a “leader.” What a frighteningly sad reality it is when a community as large as Penn State’s can so horrendously mischaracterize someone who’s stature on the sidelines of every Penn State game is as evident as Joe Pa himself. A leader sternly and angrily screams into that shower to stop. A leader grabs the closest towel or blanket and scoops that boy up, running at break neck speed to the closest area hospital while feverishly dialing 911 on their cell phone. A leader might take a moment to knock out Jerry Sandusky with repeated blows so when the police arrive on scene, he’ll still be there, right at the scene of the crime. A leader stands up. Leaders don’t cower. Leaders don’t run to daddy to ask for advice. Yeah, let’s mull it over in front of the family fire place over cocoa while a ten year old endures a life-changing, earth-shattering assault. Lets look out for my own rear end by, in essence, protecting someone who in 2002, didn’t even work there anymore.

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Well said.

Wish I could have said it that way. Or that well.

One has to wonder what any parent, who’s been sold by this cad, feels. Maybe to take a shower. But that has it’s own risks if any Penn Stater is around.


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POLITICAL: a “Veterans Day” politician has message


Dear Friend,

This Veterans Day, it is time to recommit ourselves to helping every military family across the Garden State.

We need to help businesses help veterans and their spouses build careers, make sure that our schools are doing all they can to help military kids, and all of us need to do what we can to help military families in our local communities.

But truly honoring our veterans means providing jobs. It means job training, and giving every job opportunity possible to unemployed veterans.

In New Jersey we have 453,498 veterans — 12 percent of them are unemployed. That’s why I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act that gives businesses a tax credit for hiring returning veterans, and more of a tax credit if they hire a wounded veteran.

As our troops begin coming home from Iraq, our duty to them is not just remembering their service, not just saying thank you on Veterans Day, it’s delivering on the promise of a grateful nation every day.

New Jersey’s hero-sons-and-daughters did not wait to sign up to serve this country, and they should not have to wait to get the benefits they have earned defending it. And they should not have to come home only to stand on the unemployment line after putting themselves on the line serving this nation.

That’s why the Veterans jobs bill encourages employers to hire veterans, ensures that disabled veterans who have exhausted their unemployment benefits get the training and rehabilitation they need, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits they need and job assistance tailored to today’s job market.

The bill provides a competitive grant program for nonprofits that provide mentoring and training programs for vets. It allows employers to be paid for providing on-the-job training to veterans and it would provide Work Opportunity Tax Credits for businesses that hire veterans — and more for businesses that hire disabled vets.

We made a promise to veterans, and it’s a promise we must keep.

Happy Veterans Day to all.

May God bless our troops. And may God bless America.


Robert Menendez

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I found this email condescending at best, and socialistic at worst.

First the greeting “friend”? Vet, Taxpayer, Voter, even “Fool” would have been more appropriate.

“New Jersey’s hero-sons-and-daughters”! Sorry, but last I looked “New Jersey” was incapable of having children.

And, I wonder who signed up knowing that we’d be spending a decade in AfPak?

Many signed up to defend “New Jersey” and wound up in a sand box or a rock box somewhere. Some several times.

Sorry, but “we” didn’t make a promise to vets. You politicians, wrote a lot of checks and we’re supposed to make good on them.

I have little respect for politicians, who fail to serve in the military, and then are the first to welcome them home.

If “our” two Senators met every “box” at Dover sadly destined for New Jersey, I might find this email more believable.

When I read the Dover “landfill” story in the Washington Post — – http://goo.gl/N58iN – — well, let’s just say that I doubt the seriousness of the Gooferment’s politicians and bureaucrats to “honoring” Vets. Remember the standing joke at VA hospitals, that many vets think “their” VA doc is out to kill them. Promises by the Gooferment to Vets are soon forgotten. Remember the “Bonus Army”?

(Before all the D’s get their shorts in a knot, I’m no fan of the R’s that do the same thing on this day. Talk about “stolen valor”!)


And, by the way, it’s “Veterans’ Day”. The missing apostrophe irritates me too. Seems like us vets should at least possess the day.

GBA; with a Bravo Zulu and a prayer to and for all those who are still on station, on patrol, or otherwise on eternal duty.

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INTERESTING: Transplantind Democracy


Democracy in Arab lands? It’s virtually impossible
Posted: November 01, 2011
Walter Williams

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What should the West do about the gross violations of human rights so prevalent in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere? My short answer is to mind our own business. The only case in which we should interfere with Middle Eastern affairs is when our national defense or economic interests are directly threatened.

*** end quote ***

Sounds like Ron Paul.

It’s easy to hear people you agree with.


I think we should tattoo it on every one of the politicians and bureaucrats in DC!

Plus isn’t “democracy” just another name for mob rule.

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