POLITICAL: top 1% pay 40% and bottom ½ pay nothing


The Equality Racket
by Patrick J. Buchanan

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What action? The rich must pay “their fair share.” Though the top 1 percent pay 40 percent of federal income taxes and the bottom 50 percent have, in some years, paid nothing, the rich must be made to pay more.

That’s an appealing argument to many, but one that would have horrified our founding fathers. For from the beginning, America was never about equality, except of God-given and constitutional rights.

Our revolution was about liberty; it was about freedom.

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Too many folks idle in the boats and too few rowers.

Too many entitlements; too much welfare; too much crony corporatism; too much “incest”.

Too, too much of all the bad stuff that comes with Gooferment.

And it all comes down to the root causes:

(1) Yielding to the gang called Gooferment the illusion that it’s allowed to initiate force against peaceful people.

(2) Permitting that gang to redefine “money” from gold to paper. That results in unchecked taxation (i.e., inflation).

(3) Allowing them to create the Prussian model Gooferment Skrules to brainwash and dumb down posterity.

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MEMORIES: “When will it be over”

Each day, I wake up looking for you …
… never to see again.

Each night, I sleep thinking of you …
… never to see again.

Each activity I do I wish for you …
… never to see again.

Ringing in my ears, your last words …
… “when will it be over”.

My response is still ever true …
… “soon my love, soon”.

All to true …
… I’ll see you “soon”.

# # # # #