GUNS: Turn that goat into shepherd’s pie!

*** begin quote ***

“Nobody saw what actually happened. They heard Bob yell,” Baccus told the Daily News.

The goat stayed, standing over Boardman, as he lay on the ground bleeding.

Bill Baccus, a park ranger not on duty but familiar with mountain goats, said he moved forward with a safety blanket and shook it at the goat, the newspaper reported.

He also pelted it with rocks, and after what seemed like a long time, “it moved away, but it stayed close by,” Jessica Baccus said.

*** end quote ***

Are you kidding me? The attack in the first place while attempting to “shoo away” an aggressive goat, then the first aid delayed, and everything complicated by the thing “hanging around” — all because We, The Sheeple have lost our stones and our Second Amendment rights! If he’d have been properly outfitted for a hike, like a Misguided Child, he have had his primary weapon, a rifle, to send the darned goat to pet heaven. Even a secondary weapon, like a girlie 380, would have been enough to “shoo away” anything smaller than a grizzly. Grizzly might have required a reload. My personal preference, from my time in the ‘Effete Force’, is the good old urban yute discouragement device Colt M1945. Guaranteed to turn an “aggressive Mountain Goat” into Shepherd’s Pie. And, “discourage” everything including the aforementioned grizzly. Of course, the poor victim would then have to face charges for the firearm’s discharge, ruining the goat’s day, and who knows what else PETA could dream up. But he’d be alive. Unbelievable!

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