MONEY: Securitized mortgage debt may kill pension funds

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#6 Renowned investor Jim Sinclair is actually warning that the collapse of securitized mortgage debt could be the “final shot” that will wipe out many financial institutions across the United States.

The recent warning that Sinclair posted on his blog is more than a little sobering….

I am asking for your attention again because of the depth of the fraud and now the size of the securitized mortgage debt OTC derivative pile of garbage that is in the trillions. This entire mountain of weapons of mass financial and social destruction is now in question. I have been telling you this for more than 2 years since the manufacturers and distributors of this crap were called by the NY Fed due to the loss of control over the paperwork.

I had dinner with my former partner, then lead director of and CEO of Bear Stearns. I could not contain myself so I asked him why he did so much business in OTC derivatives which were certain to bankrupt them. The answer I got was it was more than 50% of their profit. The right answer should have been it was more than 80% of their earnings.

Securitized mortgage debt is going to be the final shot that kills all kinds of financial entities in the Western world. The biggest holder of this putrid junk is pension funds.

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Regardless of the accuracy of this assertion, one can be sure that, between the Federal Reserve System and the corrupted politicians in the District of Corruption, this will become the taxpayer’s problem. fjohn

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POLITICAL: Is Delaware in play?

Interesting. If the polling is right, she’s 8 points behind. Are the D’s afraid she can win? If so, then I’m for her. Who cares if she’s a wack-a-loon. In two years, it’ll be time to vote her out. My new bumper sticker is “Reelect Nobody”. Now if some one named “nobody” runs, then I’ll have to revisit that diktat. :-) fjohn

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President Obama and Joe Biden are making a special effort to target Christine O’Donnell.

As Rush Limbaugh recently asked, if the Democrats think O’Donnell is so off-the-wall, why are they spending so much money and time attacking her?

The answer is clear.

With the latest move by Obama and Biden, we now know that Delaware is in play.

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