IPAD: Opening a new research effort

Ok, maybe I am a “fanboy”. Of new technology. Maybe it’s supplanted my love of new cars. Just maybe.

What attracted me to the IPAD, and made me spend a lot of money imho, was the idea that it is a game changer for children. I’ve seen the stories of younger and younger human beings making use of it. Even those with different abilities seem to be able to deal with it. If they can, why not a fat old white guy injineer?

If it’s that good, then maybe this is more important than a cell phone for children?

At the very least, instead of children hauling a Herculean load of books, they carry an IPAD.

I was interested in the fellow who had the whole Talmud on an IPAD with translations and expectation. You ever seen all the books of the Talmud?

And, how does this change the ability to deliver dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom)?

And, is it a closed infrastructure? Or is it a computing appliance?

And, is it a good Christmas – Birthday – Every Occasion For The Rest Of Your Life type gift?

And, does it need the 3G option?

FIrst blush, after a day out of the box, it’s a game changer. It’s virtually brain dead without the cloud. (Or am I?)

There are a lot of design flaws or tradeoffs I don’t care for.

But, we’ll see if it grows on me.

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POLITICAL: “Fix our schools”; wrong question


PROVISION #691 (10/17/10): Touch Matters

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The Manifesto, titled “How to fix our schools,”

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Sorry, but it asks the wrong question. And, compounds the issue with a bad sentence construction.

“Our schools”. They are NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, “mine”. I get to pay for Gooferment Skrules, but have no input. (I’d shut them down. In an organized fashion. Over 40 years. And return the responsibility to the parents.) And, please don’t tell me to vote and lobby. That’s a rigged game that benefits the politicians, bureaucrats, and their fellow porkers at the trough.

The question SHOULD BE: Why are we using the 1800’s Prussian model for “schooling”? (Hasn’t the world changed a little? Education hasn’t.) That model had different objectives — cannon fodder, factory workers, and Sheeple to be led by the elite. (Notice where politicians send their children. Those are the elite. It ain’t us folks.) Phoenix University, home schooling, and Bill Gates are all clues that education is not found in Gooferment Skrules. Those seem to be nothing but training for prisons.

So we fix the Gooferment Skrules by growing out of them. First, we get Gooferment out of the operation over 20 years; 5% per year. Second, we get Gooferment out of the funding of education over 20 years. A lot of details to work out, but let’s set the direction to free posterity from the tyranny of out-of-control Gooferment.


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There was nothing popular, local or personal about this artificial conceit of forced schooling; its purpose was to weaken people’s capacity to educate themselves, to break their loyalty to family, church and land in order to release customers and workforce for élite schemes of economics and social ordering.

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