TECHNOLOGY: Hospital clocks are out of sync

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Clock in this room is five minutes slow as measured by my notebook and Verizon wireless phone.

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So how can evidence of time be introduced in any court say in a medical malpractice suit?

If a nurse documents something using one of the many different clocks, then transcribes it to the computer, what time is it.

It adds an element of uncertainty and distrust. AND, if they are so sloppy in this very simple matter, what makes one think that it would be different in stuff that we don’t see, depend upon, and could be life threatening.

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TINFOILHAT: Bay of Pigs was a national disgrace

The Kennedy-Nixon Debates: JFK Lied, Cubans Died
Posted by Humberto Fontova Sep 30th 2010 at 6:17 am

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Interesting match here. In one corner, the man who blasted almost half the Imperial Japanese fleet to fiery rubble and sent it to the bottom of the Pacific at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. In the other, the man who managed to get his PT boat Karate-chopped in half by a Japanese destroyer, a feat of nautical ingenuity that still has naval men scratching their heads – and one that almost got him court-martialed. Only some heavy political pressure saved John F. Kennedy in 1944. Alas, politics prevailed again that night in April ‘61. JFK refused to help the freedom fighters. The election was over, you see.

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Any native, in country, that even listens to the US Gooferment, should read this tale of woe.

Anyone, who helps the US, needs a psych consult.

If your own people don’t kill you, your “friend” may.

Or, at least, abandon you to your fate. Remember the helicopters from the roof of the US Embassy. “We” don’t have a good track record.

A disgrace!

The Dead Old White Guys, who advised against entangling alliances, and who were probably thrilled by the arrival of the French fleet, must be rolling over at the actions of “We, The People”.

“… May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”—Samuel Adams

Seems to apply.

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