RANT: Data used to condemn teachers and schools


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Ravitch views that as a travesty, especially since the data that are being used to condemn teachers and schools are neither reliable nor helpful. They cannot be counted on as either performance indicators or as guides for school improvement. But they can be counted on to undermine trust — a critical element in both society and organizations.

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I feel that “We, The People” have bought into the meme of “Gooferment Skrules” equates to “Education”. To use Covey’s metaphor, we are “leaning our ladder against the wrong wall”. Testing, teachers, and condemnation is all wrong.

The current education meme comes from Prussia where the objective was to create: cannon fodder, factory workers, and sheeple that can be led easily by the elite by separating parent and child on many levels. (Note where politicians and bureaucrats send their children to school!) The current schools system has parents, taxpayers, and the voters fighting over entirely the wrong issues. To the delight of politicians, bureaucrats, and those pigs that “dine” at the trough.

Gooferment is force. And, a monopoly on it. As it’s first — bedrock — operating — principle, it immediately spins out a whole load of “stuff” from it. Gooferment, at all levels, acts like it alone has the “charter” to “do” education. It’s corrupt, immoral, ineffective, inefficient, and just unacceptable.

corrupt: It takes children from their families and <silently, quietly, and sometimes overtly> propagandizes them into beliefs that their parents don’t hold, approve of, or support. And, after inflicting actual harm on the children’s minds and bodies, the Gooferment leaves the debris to the parents’ to clean up after. And, in the process there is a whole education complex that feeds off the children’s “jail time”.

immoral: Wealth is stolen from people to brainwash other people’s children. The ideas being “rinsed in” are often in direct opposition to their parents’ beliefs. And, the “Gooferment Skrules” are training the children for prisons.

ineffective: Even by ANY measure of the STATED objectives, “Gooferment Skrules” are a failure. Unless there are HIDDEN objectives which it suceeds at? “If the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not find a more effective means to do so than the government school system in most cities.” — Walter Williams

inefficient: By any measure, costs are increasing and results are plummeting. The news is filled with stories of bigger boondoggles and waste. Never mind that the feds and states extract a handling fee as money passes though their hands.

unacceptable: The Teacher’s Union has become the biggest political force in the National and State elections. Politicians and bureaucrats use children as hostages in the vaious debates.

We need the Separation of School and State.

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RANT: Thinking about a burning double wide!

>From what I understand, the term “gooferment”

When I use “Gooferment”, I refer that gang that uses their supposed monopoly on the use of force to impose “its will” on the Sheeple. I urge care because we anthropomorphize a group of people into its own entity. I’m a voluntarist. Maybe even an anarchist. You know those PEOPLE with flags and costumes that purport to be part of the matrix?

>Mr. Cranick lived outside of the town


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Cranick lived just outside the city limits of South Fulton in Northwest Tennessee in Obion County, but within an area that allows homeowners to subscribe to the city’s fire department services by paying a $75 annual fee.

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So we have one subdivision of Gooferment that takes taxes from the victim. Then, they say they don’t provide fire protection? But you can buy it from this other subdivision of Gooferment. Excuses!

So what did the victim “buy” with his county taxes?

>It does seem heartless for the fire department to stand there and watch his house burn down,

It doesn’t say if the FD was paid or volunteer. It doesn’t say much about what went on. I find it hard to believe that they rolled on the scene and didn’t deploy immediately. There must have been a decision earlier about what they were going to do. Firefighters train. Hell, if I’d been the Fire Chief, then I’d have called it a “live fire drill or training session”.

>if they didn’t, everyone similarly situated who did pay the $75 would stop paying,
> knowing that if their house caught fire they could pay then.

I’d suggest that this is the problem with Gooferment. They are not responsive to market place discipline.

>Should they also drop their fire insurance and be allowed to purchase
>it when their house starts burning?

Clearly not, but I bet the insurance company would have paid the $75 rather than pay off for the fire.

> Being able to set the fee at only $75 is based on most people  
> agreeing to the assessment, but not having to use it.

Ludwig von Mises’ “socialism calculation debate” points out that “socialists”, which is what he’d call the Gooferment in all its forms, doesn’t not have the free market’s mechanism to set a clearing price. That price where there are no more willing buyer or sellers. Everyone has acted on their particular time preference calculation. So how does anyone know that $75 is the right or wrong price? There is no competition.

Fredrick Hayek’s “knowledge of the particular time and place” points out that “socialists” can evaluate the facts and costs at a particular time and place. So the bureaucrats arriving at the fire scene can’t decide what is the correct course of action.

It’s not as if the person had to decide between three offerings: McD’s, BK’s, and Wendy’s. He could pick based on criteria that he decided on. In a free market. Where he choose the “best”. Knowing the (Mises) true cost as deiced by the marketplace. Knowing how important each (Hayek) of the criteria was to him.

>I would think a libertarian would agree to this.

As a little L libertarian, and I can only speak for myself, there is a lot of blame to spread around. I blame the “socialists” in the illusion of Gooferment. And the “firemen” who are nothing more than bureaucrats.

And some blame for the victim for not picking his battle better.

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