TECHNOLOGY: 69 mph scooter

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It might look like your standard mobility scooter, designed to help the elderly and the infirm do their shopping. But this particular version has had rather a substantial upgrade.

Plumber Colin Furze, 31, spent nearly three months converting the machine so that it now whizzes along at an incredible 69mph – making it the world’s fastest mobility scooter.

It has a powerful 125cc motorbike engine hidden under the seat, five gears and twin exhausts.

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Might be good for getting to work?

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RANT: The View boiled over with Bill an the mosque

Interesting. BOR said that they have a right. And, that BHO44 distanced himself from the folks by stopping at that point without commenting on the appropriateness.

Joy is a hard left type so she kept interrupting and over talking him. His response of “you’ll learn something” was respond to rude with rude.

When he said, “Some muslims killed Americans in the WTC”.

That sent Whoppi over the edge. (I don’t understand why? BOR stated a fact.)

Adjusting my tin foil hat, what if 9-11 was a “false flag operation”?

In the world of international relations, terrorism, and spy versus spy, I would trust anything is what it seems.

Trust but verify. What better way to put a wedge between fellow Americans and another wedge between the USA and “the Muslim world”?   


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PLINKY: If I Could Invent Anything

… an obvious one fmpov!

Donate Blood (p6180505)

A device, that given a a drop of a patient's blood, it would produce 100% identical blood in whatever quantity needed.

My wife has a unknown blood problem that presents as an dramatic quick disappearance of red blood cells. A "blood xerox" machine would give the docs

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RANT: Forced schooling; the purpose to weaken people?

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There was nothing popular, local or personal about this artificial conceit of forced schooling; its purpose was to weaken people’s capacity to educate themselves, to break their loyalty to family, church and land in order to release customers and workforce for élite schemes of economics and social ordering. Brownson said the teaching function belonged in a democracy to the whole community, not to a controlled monopoly, and we had already become the best educated people in history on our own hook. “Children,” he said, “were far better off educated by the general pursuits, habits and moral tone of the community” than by a privileged class of corporate or government agents.

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They want to make cannon fodder out of children

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