RANT: Why vote?

William Lynch>FJohn Reinke: William asks: Will you join me in committing to vote? Join the Commit to Vote Challenge and inspire your friends to vote

William committed to vote by November 2nd. “I am voting as it is my responsibility as a citizen and I want to protect my interests. “

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I’ll vote. Trying to protect everyone’s interests from an out-of-control Gooferment. A citizen exchanges loyalty for protection. The State, “King”, Gooferment, whatever you want to call this mess is NOT protecting me, the average joe six-pack, or the rest of the Sheeple. When you have no choice, it’s like voting in the old USSR. When you have no hope of change, why bother. So I understand staying-at-home. The American experiment is collapsing under the greed of the “Secular Progressive” leadership in both the D’s and the R’s. When the piggy bank is empty, we have to start over again. Argh! Vote, yes; chance that things will improve, zero. Best we can hope for is gridlock.

# # # # # posted 2010-10-28 09:26

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