POLITICAL: Piñera’s brilliant handling of the mine crisis to BHO44 or Bush43


Mine Rescue: Crisis Shows Chile’s President To Be the Kind of Leader That America Desperately Needs

Sebastián Piñera’s brilliant handling of the mine crisis showed the world his strong character while revealing weaknesses in the character of our own president.

October 15, 2010 – by Tim Daniel

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Look to Obama’s attack on BP as his administration, amidst crisis, floundered and flopped like an oil-soaked pelican. Or look to the ludicrous banana republic-esque saber rattling against the Chamber of Commerce as November 2 approaches. Or even the “public enemy number one” fixation on Fox News. Or worse and most damaging to us all, the slavish hostility directed at income earners and entrepreneurs across this nation.

In crisis and challenge, Piñera lifted up his entire nation as an example.

Obama has petulantly, willingly, and unflinchingly brought his down.

Character counts and so do ideas.

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BHO44 has been a total disaster. Socialists usually are. In this case, he didn’t even make the trains run on time.

BUSH43 started off good in the case of the WTC911, but soon got off track. And, booted Katrina. But, Big Gooferment socialists are just as bad.

When will the Sheeple learn. All the politicians and bureaucrats are the same.

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