SURVIVAL: Do you have your GOOD, GHB, and / or just G (Get! Git! Got!)

1. What are some key differences in items you’d put in a bug-out bag and a bug-in bag?

2. Given your location and circumstances, how do you decide whether you’re more likely to need to bug out or bug in?

3. Assuming you conclude that you’re more likely to have to bug in than bug out, is a special bag for the purpose even necessary?

*** end quote ***

In my case, I have the “hospital bag” with among other things: a jumble book with pen, steno book, 4 cans of microwavable soup, fruit cocktail (just replenished, thanks Jacki), Our Girl’s unmentionables, two flashlights, one knife that wouldn’t make it past the TSA, am/fm radio, map of NJ (left over from a past road trip), a few bottles of water, and usually a bunch of those terrible Oats ‘n’ Honey bars that I have to restock. Hope you have your bags packed when needed. Even if you don’t believe in TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It), I remember Marge and Frenchy’s unexpected camp in trip as a result of Hugo. Only the Amish and the Mormons seem to be prepared for “stuff”.

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