RANT: My comment on the Hudson River landing (UPdated: 20090117)

May I point out that perhaps there was some luck involved, when the pilot “placed” the plane down on the Hudson River. (I don’t think it qualifies as “ditching”, “splashing”, or “crash landing”; too neatly done.) I watched with horror as the politicians arrived to tells us how “heroic” the police, fire, and other government responders were. Having watching the early coverage, the Ferry Captains were there “long” before any of the government troops were on site. The ferry passengers pitched right in. Business suits and all. I think those folks deserve the lion’s share of the credit for saving those passengers. All the media reports these people were way down the list for credit. That annoys me. And, I think it hides the true American spirit.

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UPDATE: 20090117 @ 9AM

Someone else noticed!


The Takeover of New York Harbor
by A.D Lelong

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I looked at all the photographs of the scene. While the plane was still relatively afloat, the only responders I saw were the NY WATER WAYS vessels. The photos that showed governmental vessels were taken after the plane had sunk considerably, and most of the passengers had been put on the ferries.

On Friday morning at 11:40 AM Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a press conference to honor the “first responders.” Behind him were cops, coast guard, fire officials – a whole platoon of uniformed men. Lost in the crowd were two skippers of the two ferries which responded first.

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Wake up, people! It’s the gooferment. They’ll certainly claim MORE than their share of the credit to justify financially raping the taxpayer.

And, did anyone notice the mayor’s press conference was partially in Spanish? Thus pandering to another voting block!!

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