WRITING: Book is done!

UPDATE 1/11 later 1/12 early: According to the Lulu site, my order should ship as early as 1/12 (tomorrow/today) or as late as 1/16 (Friday). Coming by FedEx Ground Delivery. (Lingering question, are Lulu books printed offshore and that’s why it takes so long?)

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Well, it’s finished. Cooked. Booked. I’ve Lulu-ed it.

Now I’m waiting for my proof copy.

It’s sad. Four decades late, I’m done.

Luddite helped with the proofing. CJ gave me a better punch. Frau gave me good input to the cover design.

But, it’s done.

All that I have to do is wait for Lulu to send me my proof.

710 pages.

Just under a half a million words.

A little less than a year.

So many lessons learned.

(1) You have to be organized.

(2) Keep one copy as the master. All changes get made there.

(3) Need versioning.

(4) There’s no good software for a big wp project.

Note: Office corrupted the doc after about 6 months. Despite creating new files. Master and sub-docs was a horror show.

Note: Apple’s PAGES sucked at big docs.

Note: Google docs choked at the size.

Note: Luggable’s WINDOZE Office locked up one night and lost three hours of my best prose.


(5) It’s always takes longer and is harder than you expect.

(6) A GANTT chart with realistic estimates would have helped.

(7) Schedules weren’t met.

(8) Illness, job loss, laziness, and stupidity all caused delays.

(9) When blogging fan fiction, have the project DONE before posting the first segment.

(10) Was it fun?

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