SECURITY: And why should I trust “PLAID”?


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Hi Ferdinand J,

As part of our continued effort to ensure the safety and security of our customers, we’re updating the payment method linking system for all banks that support instant verification system (Plaid). Any customer bank accounts that support Plaid will no longer be allowed to use the older, test deposit method.

For those customers whose bank accounts have already been unlinked from their Coinbase account, we understand this may have caused some confusion. Your bank account will need to be relinked using our instant verification system to ensure your payment method utilizes the safest, most reliable service.

If your current bank account is supported by Plaid, but your bank was originally linked via test deposit, please be aware that your account may be unlinked in the near future to support instant verification.

For relinking a Plaid supported bank account, you can verify your account by entering your online banking credentials with the instant verification process – you may either complete this during a Buy or Deposit, or by navigating to your Settings > Payment Methods in your Coinbase account.

For more information on payment methods, please see our help center article here.

Your banking credentials are never sent to Coinbase, and are shared with an integrated, encrypted, trusted third-party called Plaid Technologies Inc. More info about how your bank account information is secured can be found here.

The Coinbase Team

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And why should I trust “PLAID”?


HEALTH: Immortality Now!

Interview with Dr Klatz

Immortality Now! With Special Guest Dr. Michelle Weiner DO, MPH

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See “immortality now”. I can’t afford “immortality”. AND, That’ll really screw up pensions and social security. Then, “they” will have to come up with another Covid19 type bioweapon to “thin the herd”.


MEDIABIAS: The NYT is incredible; by that I mean unbeleiveable

Why Russia Is Losing To Eukraine

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The picture below appeared in Wednesday’s NYT with the caption, “A residential building in Kyiv that was hit by a missile on Tuesday.”

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2022 11Nov 19 house fire

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I want to draw your attention to this ===> RUSSIAN MISSILES ARE TOTALLY CRAPPY!! There is no debris, no holes or structural damage (other than a fire), … I mean, the missile wasn’t even able to shatter the windows next to it!!! Personally, I think it was just a regyoulah house fire. But, wtf do I know? Surely, the NYT wouldn’t print FAKE News.

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The blogger has a good point.  A missile that doesn’t break any of the surrounding windows?


But not funny.