INTERESTING: A crab annual migration that sparks traffic jams

Incredible moment tens of MILLIONS of red crabs march across a remote island – in annual migration that sparks traffic jams every year

  • Millions of red crabs have begun their annual migration across Christmas Island
  • More then 65 million crabs will trek 20km from the forests to the ocean to breed
  • The population has grown substantially due to the suppression of invasive ants

By Jesse Hyland and Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 20:25 EDT, 30 October 2022 | Updated: 21:56 EDT, 30 October 2022

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A sea of red has washed over picturesque Christmas Island – as tens of millions of red crabs march from the rainforests to the coast to breed.

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How do the crabs know the calendar, phase of the moon, and high tide?

I love the “flyover bridge” that was constructed for their use.

And the signboard that tells drivers what roads are closed do to the migration.

Amazing that humans would allow themselves to be inconvenienced by nature.

Demonstrates how little we know and how out of tune we are with the world.