VETERANS: The Gooferment allows “Churches” that support the welfare / warfare state

Another Double Whammy
By Laurence M. Vance
November 3, 2022

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If you have the misfortune of attending the typical conservative, evangelical, or fundamentalist church on a Sunday before a military appreciation day (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day), you will see the church building and the grounds around the church decorated with American flags, hear special prayers offered for the troops, see military personnel and veterans recognized (especially if they wear their uniforms to church), read the church bulletin with an American flag on the cover, see men wearing cross and flag lapel pins, hear hymns of worship sung to the state, hear the choir singing a medley of patriotic songs, see video tributes to the troops, and hear the pianist play the song of each branch of the military during the offering.

But now, this Sunday, since it is also the Sunday before election day, you can expect to see and hear extra American flags adorning the church and grounds, admonitions to pray for America and government officials, a military color guard parading down the main aisle of the church to open the service, pastors reading the Declaration of Independence, pastors leading the congregation in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, men wearing American flag ties, local politicians in attendance (only Republicans, of course) being introduced and sometimes asked to come up and say a few words, and/or a military chaplain from the local base delivering the sermon.

Some churches will no doubt also sing Lee Greenwood’s patriotic anthem “God Bless the USA,” and they will sing it proudly because they are proud to be Americans where at least they know they’re free. (I can just picture Christians singing this in church in 2020 or 2021 with a mask on their face.)

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In my “eddycation”, I always thought that the Church was a “Champion of the People” against the King in the Middle Ages.  I think that in Lincoln’s “Civil War” (aka the war of northern aggression) that line was blurred.  That trend continued into WW1 when the Churches aligned themselves with the Gooferment.  Fast forward to the Viet Nam war when the Churches were big in the (Astroturf) antiwar movement against Nixon. LBJ just stepped into it.  At that point, the Deep State began to subvert the Church goers with a deliberate policy of eroding moral values.  Pedophilia in the Catholic Church took them out of education business.  And here we wind up with the various Churches supporting the “military”.   The Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats could care less about the troops or veterans.  Look at the MIA as an example.  So I think the writer is on to something.

Let’s separate Church and State!