How physics and a video game trick forever changed the NASCAR Championships

If you’ve ever driven a car, you know how important it is for your tires to grip the road. As long as your tires aren’t slipping along the road, you remain in control of your vehicle; when you turn your steering wheel, the angle at which your tires grip the road changes, propelling you forward with an accompanying change in direction.

Source: How physics and a video game trick forever changed the NASCAR Championships

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For whatever it’s worth, Chastain’s final lap time, where he incorporated this video game-inspired strategy into his driving, was 18.845 seconds: the fastest lap in the 75 year history of this track. The move will likely inspire copycats in the future, forcing NASCAR to evaluate the dangers inherent in wall-riding during the final lap. At some point, they’ll have to make a decision as to whether this risky maneuver will remain legal, or whether the risks are too great to allow it.

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One always has to look at the “constraints” to see if you can “cheat” nature and win.

A good lesson for anyone tempted to “follow the crowd”.


POLITICAL: Here’s a lady ranting about human trafficking — who care who doesn’t want to hear it

Lara is asking important questions, you may not like how she asks them and the fact she is asking them; I love it. Bravery
Dr. Paul Alexander
Oct 26

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There’s no transcript of @Laura Logan’s rant but in a nutshell she points to human trafficking of children across the border who then “disappear” to who knows where. 

That’s upsetting and outrageous.  These children are human beings and deserve to be treated humanely.

It also brings to mind Epstein’s and Maxwell’s “little black book of Clients” that has never been disclosed.

The Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient. As well as untrustworthy. And, this lady needs o ur support to expose the truth.