POLITICAL: Chicago is an example of what NOT to do — coddle criminals


The Madness of Lori Lightfoot and Chicago’s Violent Crime
By Steve Huntley
November 2, 2022

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How does crime maim a great city like Chicago? Let us count the ways.

For starters, regular visits to the excellent news website cwbchicago.com reveal a comprehensive, if depressing, chronicle of murders, robberies, assaults, carjackings, drag races on city streets and other crimes exacting a terrible toll on the city that used to work. And all too frequently, accounts of children cut down by stray bullets sprayed by punk gunslingers.

Or track the numbers, as the Sun-Times does with murders. It counts 578 people killed in Chicago so far in 2022. That rate is down a bit from the last two years but still way ahead of the toll before the Antifa/Black Lives Matter riots blighted American city centers with looting, arson, assault, an explosion of crime and the defund the police movement crippling law enforcement across the land.

Or there’s the regular Monday adding up of the previous weekend’s mayhem and havoc. The most recent weekend tally — 35 people shot, five of them fatally, according to ABC-Chicago.

Or there’s the outbreak of fear-inducing crime in neighborhoods once deemed safe, like Chicago’s affluent Lakeview neighborhood in the shadow of world-famous Wrigley Field

There were five separate armed robber/abduction/kidnappings reported there recently over a couple of days.

Or there’s the soon-to-be unleashed wave of criminals returning to the streets under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s bill to eliminate cash bail, a measure opposed by virtually every state’s attorney in Illinois — except of course the criminal-coddling Cook County alleged prosecutor Kim Foxx.

Or, speaking of far-left extremist George Soros’ favorite Chicagoan, a CWB Chicago analysis shows that on Foxx’s watch, the average sentence for carjackings is 9.4 years, down from 12.4 years in the seven years before she became Cook County state’s attorney.

On and on it goes, the ways to count Chicago’s misery from crime.

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Braxton / Guiliani cleaned up NYC by focusing on crimes and removing the bad element of society.

I can’t imagine living in Chicago which is like a third world shithole with rampant crime.

Liberal DA’s are doing “We, The Sheeple” no favors.  Why bother arresting people if they can be back out on the street before the paperwork is done?

Violent crimes should require some bail that is tiered based on the crime, likelihood of reoffending, and will they show up for court.  Repeat offenders already out on bail or probation should be remanded.

Let’s take a few average JoeSixpacks in the court to decide if they agree with the bail recommendations?  That should be entertaining.  Put it on Pay Per View or have a live TV show vote.