GUNS: Could the US Gooferment ever sieze all the guns?


Kelly Jones
Knows a bit about firearms, and about physics

*** begin quote ***

If firearm confiscation were to become law, and gun owners fought against it, how many fatalities of either police or civilians would gun control activists be willing to accept before abandoning the effort?

Why would there be ANY fatalities?

Let’s think about the sides here:

On one side, you have gun owners, who aren’t willing to surrender their rights. They have guns.

On that same side, you have police, who (for the most part) are in favor of ‘civilian’ ownership of guns, and who (for the most part) have taken an oath to defend the constitution. They, also, have guns.

The only ones on the other side are the misguided citizens and politicians who illegally voted for gun confiscation. They, for the most part, have no guns. How, exactly, are they going to pose a lethal threat to the other side? This just seems like a non-starter, and possibly the shortest conflict ever.

The only question is, how will the victors handle those who sought to deprive them of their rights?

*** end quote ***

Sorry, but it is an interesting “thought experiment”.

I’d think it would be interesting to consider what would happen in the “inner city” first.  I’ve often written that the drug gangs would be a fine example of a guerrilla militia since Viet Nam.  Farmed by day; warrior by night.  The police can’t currently control the guns in the streets today under today’s rules.  What will happen if the elite Gooferment officials (i.e., ivory tower politicians and bureaucrats) declare it “open season”.  I doubt that police would enforce those orders.

Now let’s consider what happens in the rural areas where the average hunter may have better and more practiced with arms.  That’s not going to be pretty.

Now let’s consider all the arm chair keyboard warriors.  I’d bet that half give up their guns, but the other half would give a good account of “from my cold dead hands”.  That will be be a blood bath. 

In short, it would be short, bloody, and a reaffirmation of the RKBA.

Consider that in the USA there are probably a lot more guns than people.  And, those trains will not be loading willing participants.

Most patriots will remember the Holocaust, the Japanese American interment, the Trail of Tears, and Gooferment’s violent history of suppression here and abroad.

Yes, how will the trials after work out for the gun grabbers.

Hope it never comes to that.



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