INTERESTING: One account for inbound funds?

LPT: Have two Checking Accounts


I recommend this to all my friends for it has saved me from A LOT of fraudulent activities. Open two bank accounts within the same bank. One account you can link to others to pay bills, transfer funds, etc. The other one should be set up with your Direct Deposit. The sole purpose of this account is to receive funds and send it to the other checking account for bills. Essentially think about it as one way in, one way out. Put that debit card in a safe or shred it. You’ll use this account for internal transfers only. Only put what your expenses are going to be in that account. If your card gets stolen, fine, they just stole $20. etc.

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I really like this idea.

I’m not sure if you can two free accounts but it is absolutely a great idea for inbound money.


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