HEALTH: Why you shouldn’t take “the jab”

No, I Don’t Want Your Shot. Here’s Why. (UPDATED: Apr 23/22)
77 reasons (and growing)
James Edward Taylor
Apr 22

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Broadly, they break down into four categories:

1. I’m not convinced of the safety. (37 reasons)

2. I’m not convinced of the necessity. (11 reasons)

3. I’m not convinced of the efficacy, (i.e., it’s not working.) (15 reasons)

4. I’m not convinced of the honesty of the actors involved. (14 reasons)

Put positively, at this point, I’m convinced these shots are not safe, not necessary, not efficacious, and that the actors involved have been dishonest in manipulating public opinion for their products.

Follow the links I provide. Think. Decide for yourself.

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For me the most overwhelming items are “the honesty of the actors involved”.

Make up your mind.

I have.