GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The SWAT team searched for key? Are you serious … …

Harrowing footage emerges of desperate parents being restrained by cops while school shooter was inside locked classroom with their kids for up to ONE HOUR while SWAT team searched for key

  • Salvador Ramos arrived at Robb Elementary School at 11.30am on Tuesday morning after crashing his truck 
  • A school resource officer at the scene failed to stop him from making his way inside and barricading himself
  • He locked himself in a fourth grade classroom where he shot dead 19 kids and two of their teachers 
  • It took police at least hour to breach the classroom to shoot him – and it’s now claimed they needed a key to get into the room 
  • As they struggled to get him inside, desperate parents were held back from the school by cops with tasers
  • In new video, police are shown restraining one frantic man who asked them why they weren’t in the school 
  • ‘We’re taking care of it!’ yelled one officer who was holding parents back from the scene 
  • One law enforcement official anonymously revealed cops took so long to get into the classroom because they needed a key 
  • It was only when a staff member found one for them that they got inside, according to NPR 


PUBLISHED: 08:40 EDT, 26 May 2022 | UPDATED: 10:17 EDT, 26 May 2022

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Timeline of a massacre: How events unfolded in Uvalde, Texas
11:32am Gunman arrives at the school after shooting his grandmother. She survived and called 911, telling them he had fled.

At the school the gunman encounters a school resource officer.

It’s unclear if he tried to shoot him but the gunman was able to make his way inside and barricades himself into a fourth grade classroom

11:43am: Robb Elementary School posts to Facebook that the campus has gone under lockdown due to gunshots in the area.

Parents rush to the scene

12.17pm: The school posts on Facebook that there is an ‘active shooter’ on campus

1.06pm:The Uvalde Police Department reports the suspect is ‘in police custody’ after police broke into the classroom.

By then, 150 cops had descended onto the scene but it took 90 minutes for them to get to the shooter and stop him

Shocking new video has emerged showing Texas cops restraining parents as they tried to rescue their kids on Tuesday after a gunman unleashed terror inside the elementary school, as questions grow over why it took so long to get to the shooter after the first 911 call.

Salvador Ramos, 18, arrived at the school in Uvalde at 11.30am, crashing his car into a ditch.

A school resource officer was at the scene but he failed to stop him from making his way inside.

Two other cops also rushed to the school at that time – Ramos had just shot his grandmother in the face at their home less than five miles away. She survived and called the police.

When they arrived, Ramos is said to have shot at them then ran into the school, where he barricaded himself in the fourth grade classroom and shot 19 kids and two teachers dead.

It took another 90 minutes from that point for police to declare the shooting over.

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The “fog of war” seems to have begun to clear.

I’d like to read an “after action report”.  Seriously, “waited to find a key” sounds like “the dog ate my homework”.

I still am waiting to hear if the young criminal was on SSRIs. 

In any event, why was it so easy to get into the school. And, I thought that Texas was one of the States that armed teachers. 

The “school resource officer” was not very helpful.  

As painful as it will be to the parents, I hope someone is seriously looking at the video and taking note what could be dome NOW to prevent the next copy cat.