March 17, 2021
Mask Mandates Do Not Save Lives
By Spike Hampson

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Although some studies have concluded that masks help stop the spread of COVID-19, usually they have failed to replicate real-world situations.  A common approach is to evaluate the effectiveness of mask material at stopping the expulsion or intake of the aerosols presumed to be the airborne carriers of the virus.  Useful information, perhaps, but at this stage, what we need to know is whether the widespread use of masks is measurably reducing the risk of death from the disease.  To continue requiring the use of masks makes sense only if there is compelling data that death rates are lower for people who wear masks than it is for people who do not.

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My high school friend says: “Like trying to catch salt with a tennis racket”!

I prefer “Like trying to keep mosquitoes out of your backyard with a chain link fence”!

His is shorter, but mine is more realistic.  

After all who has a tennis racket?


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