Bye-bye handshakes: how coronavirus is changing global habits- The New Indian Express


Is the footshake the new handshake?

In Iran, where 66 have been killed by the coronavirus, a video has gone viral showing three friends meeting, hands in their pockets and two of whom are wearing masks, tapping their feet against each other as a greeting.

A similar video in Leban
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INNOVATION: Forget leap day, there’s a serious plan to replace it with an extra week

At a glance, having a permanent calendar that’s the same year to year makes sense, and February has arguably been getting short shrift for far too long. But what about those extra weeks every few years? How does that even work? Unless companies are going to report earnings for a special seven-day period, it seems most logical that we just shut everything down for those days and hit the beach.And as if all this weren’t enough, the duo also propose doing away with both daylight savings time and time zones in favor of Universal Time (essentially the UK’s time zone) being used worldwide, everywhere.

Source: Forget leap day, there’s a serious plan to replace it with an extra week

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I can certainly agree with the elimination of time zones!  They are just dumb.

A new and improved calendar is worth considering.  (imho)

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