Thursday, Mar 26, 2020Not to be overwhelming first thing in the morning, but I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news? Today is Thursday, which means we’re pretty damn close to the weekend! The bad news? Today would have been MLB Opening Day, and does the weekend even really count in quarantine anyway?

Source: HQ AM/PM

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I doubt that any of the “sports” empires have any debt, so are at little risk of bankruptcy.  Not so for other businesses or individuals.  I think a lot of places will NOT reopen and individuals will be ruined for life.

Like those of the Great Depression, I think that people will be “scarred” forever.

Maybe some good will come out of this disaster.  Like thrift, Dave Ramsey advocates no debt .  Like savings, to have enough in your savings to enable you to continue living at your “burn rate”.  Like being prepared, the Mormons keep a year in their pantry.

One can only hope.

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