HAPPINESS: No fretting, hesitating, calculating, or pontificating

I’ll get “concerned” when “Corona” aka Wuhan virus fatalities reach that of “normal” flue death rates.  Per John Hopkins, flu causes around 50k deaths every year.  Again, mostly among the elderly. 

The 24 hour news cycle (“if it bleeds, it leads”) is whipping “We, The Sheeple” into a frenzy. 

The stock market has yet to take into account the fantastically low price of oil.  Gas prices, airlines driving cost factor, and trucking expense will drop like a rock.  If I was a retail investor, I’d be buying  — cruise lines, air travel, and consumer goods.  I’d be selling all the “legacy” industries. 

IMHO.  In six months, Wuhan will be like the “bird flu”  —  forgotten.  No need to panic. 

Just take normal precautions with more attention to the “most common touch points” (i.e., door knobs, ATMs, bars, restaurants, Post Offices, doctors’ offices, and such).  Have to relax; look both ways when you cross the street so as not to get hit by bus or drunken driver.

Calm common sense. ZZZZzzzzz!

“Eeyore frets, Piglet hesitates, Rabbit calculates, Owl pontificates, Pooh just is.” — A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh!

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GOVERNACIDE: GM blamed Brooke Melton for her death, covered up real cause

“Two years after recalling 30 million cars, GM sold a record 10 million vehicles worldwide and reported a profit of $12.5 billion, which was a record,” Cooper writes. “Even though GM paid a $900 million fine to settle criminal charges with the Justice Department, no individual was ever charged with a crime.”

Source: GM blamed Brooke Melton for her death, covered up real cause

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Isn’t the Gooferment supposed to be like the sports referee?  Calling fair or foul in the cases before them.  Well this meme is destroyed in this particular case.  The Gooferment allowed this to be covered up and no individual was held accountable.

Does this illustrate the incestuous relationship between the corporation and the Gooferment?

Remember that GM was derisively called “Gooferment Motors” after BHO44 screwed the GM bondholders and “saved” GM from bankruptcy.  The Gooferment had a bias in favor of GM’s continued existence.


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