GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Pentagon Warns They Aren't Set Up to Fight Coronavirus – News From

With many politicians long seeing the military as an all-purpose problem solver with a bottomless budget, it is unsurprising that the outbreak of coronavirus has many, particularly high-ranking Democrats, angling for a declaration of war and an outright militarization of the domestic issue.

“I would call out the military now,” Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said on Sunday. He said it’s an emergency and the US needs to treat it like a war. He suggested that the military could provide a “surge” for US hospitals, building more beds and tents that are secure. “We’re at war with the virus,” Biden added.

– By  Jason Ditz

Source: Pentagon Warns They Aren’t Set Up to Fight Coronavirus – News From

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It seems to be ludicrous to expect the military (mission = kill people and destroy things) to be able to do humanitarian tasks.

They maybe able to do some tasks (i.e., deploy a MASH unit; bury bodies in a mass grave; physically secure a perimeter — people may get shot), but that is NOT their area of expertise or operation.  Not that they wouldn’t want to help.  They are just not trained for that.

It seems that politicians and bureaucrats are delusional to thing that you can “drive screws with a hammer or pound nails with a screwdriver”.  But that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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