An army of hungry little sea urchins could save Hawaiian reefs

A diver holding urchins just 15 to 20 millimeters in width. The animals, native to Hawai’i, are known to eat at least five species of invasive algae. (Hawaii Division of Aquatic Resources/) There are a lot of stories of introduced species gone wrong.

Source: An army of hungry little sea urchins could save Hawaiian reefs

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As humans continue to warm the planet, these foundational organisms will be lost to bleaching, in which warm temperatures lead corals to eject their zooxanthellae; the bleached corals are left vulnerable to disease and stress and sometimes die as a result.

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Great article about a great piece of innovative work.

Well worth the read.

The writer unfortunately puts in the opinion that there is “global warming” and it’s caused by humans.

Both “facts” are arguable.

I would have rather seen the writer focus on how the reader could help.  For example, does the urchin deploying center take donations?  Is there a gofundme page to spin off a similar effort in a different country?  How can people support this effort?

But, everything has to have a political spin to it.


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