‘Keep the Hasidic Out’: A Small-Town Housing Showdown – DNyuz

School costs are one major concern, residents said at town meetings. While Hasidic Jews typically attend their own religious schools, local districts in New York have to pay for a percentage of their busing costs and special education services.

Source: ‘Keep the Hasidic Out’: A Small-Town Housing Showdown – DNyuz

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Why is the Gooferment — at any level – Federal, State, County, City — involved in and paying for (any percentage) of “education”?

Seems simple.

Parents decided to have children, let them educate them.  No taxpayer funds required.

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No more cardboard boxes? 3M invents an ingenious new way to ship products

To use the Flex & Seal, you just place your item on the sticky gray side of the material, fold over enough material to encapsulate your item, and press the adhesive sides together to seal it up like a calzone. The gray side of the packaging will stick to itself, and not the object you want to ship, and 3M says the seal is robust enough to stay in place during shipping—no tape required. After about 30 seconds, during which you can reposition the item if you didn’t seal it to your liking the first time, the adhesive gets so strong that you have to tear the plastic a bit if you want to pull it apart. That protects your package from tampering, while making sure it’s easy enough to tear open or cut with scissors on the other side.

Source: No more cardboard boxes? 3M invents an ingenious new way to ship products

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What a great idea!

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Dear Democrats – This Is What Happens When You Nationalize Healthcare

Day after day, hour after hour, Americans are spoon-fed some utopian vision of a future of Medicare-for-all (anyone really who can make it across the border) as the solution to all that ails the health system across all states. However, for anyone who has actually lived under nationalized healthcare, reality is far uglier.

Source: Dear Democrats – This Is What Happens When You Nationalize Healthcare

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Why don’t we make the politicians and bureaucrats use Medicare or Medicaid instead of their current (platinum?) package paid for by the taxpayer?

I think we all know the answer for that one.  Sigh!

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Living Concrete

Concrete is vital for protecting our coastlines – but it comes at a huge environmental cost. An Israeli startup has found a way to make concrete sea defences that get stronger over time, while encouraging life to thrive. This Green Tech is Bringing Life Back to the Sea Source: Bloomberg The post appeared first on The Big Picture .

Source: Living Concrete

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Interesting concept.  Wonder how long it will take for it to become a “standard”?

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