Pelosi Claimed GOP Was ‘Paralyzed with Hatred’ for Impeaching Clinton

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) posted a flashback featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accusing Republicans of being “paralyzed with hatred” for pursuing the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, who denied having an affair with Monica Lewinsky under oath.

Source: Pelosi Claimed GOP Was ‘Paralyzed with Hatred’ for Impeaching Clinton

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Interesting what happens when the tables are turned.

It’s all politics, all the time.

And, it’s tiresome.

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Can a Federal Judge Sentence You for a Crime Your Jury Says You Didn’t Commit? The Answer May Terrify You –

Sens. Dick Durbin (D–Ill.) and Chuck Grassley (R–Iowa) introduced a bill this week that would expressly prohibit the use of acquitted conduct at sentencing. “If any American is acquitted of charges by a jury of their peers, then some sentencing judge shouldn’t be able to find them guilty anyway and add to their punishment,” Grassley said in a statement released this week. “That’s not acceptable and it’s not American.”

Source: Can a Federal Judge Sentence You for a Crime Your Jury Says You Didn’t Commit? The Answer May Terrify You –

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Well that’s not “fair”!


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Have Online Reviews Lost All Value? – WSJ

Chris McCabe, who evaluated seller performance while employed at Amazon and who now runs a consulting firm for its retailers, estimates the number of inauthentic reviews on the site to be around 30%. Amazon estimates it at less than 1% and said it spent more than $400 million last year alone to protect customers from reviews abuse, fraud and misconduct, leading to action against more than 5 million reviewers. Even so, “Amazon doesn’t have the right defenses,” Mr. McCabe said.

Source: Have Online Reviews Lost All Value? – WSJ

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I always found the reviews worthless.

But, I could be wrong.  if only there was a way to only see the reviews of my contacts?

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Angel Moms to Congress: ‘You Are Co-Conspirators’ in Deaths of Our Kids

Angel Moms, whose children have been killed by illegal aliens, spoke directly to Congress on Capitol Hill this week, declaring pro-illegal immigration politicians the “co-conspirators” in their loved ones’ deaths.

During a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Angel Moms Angie Morfin, Maureen Maloney, and Vicki Lyons demanded action from Congress to stop illegal immigration into the United States and thus save the lives of Americans and legal immigrants who may become the victims of illegal alien crime.

Lyon, who lost her daughter Nikki in 2001 when an illegal alien hit and killed her, said politicians who support illegal aliens and the sanctuary city policies that protect them from deportation are “co-conspirators” in deaths like her daughter’s.

Source: Angel Moms to Congress: ‘You Are Co-Conspirators’ in Deaths of Our Kids

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I certainly agree with them.

I don’t understand the D’s “sympathy” for CRIMINAL illegal immigrants.  They deserve to be shipped back to where they came from.

Can’t have a nation with a welfare state without strict immigration controls.  Eliminate welfare and we can be a lot more “welcoming”.  Not that that is going to happen anytime soon.

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The world’s most unusual borders, from the German town not in the EU to Spain’s mini Gibraltars | Daily Mail Online

Standby for a geography lesson with a difference – because this is geography at its quirkiest.

New book The Atlas of Unusual Borders (Collins), by Serbian Zoran Nikolic, is a truly eye-opening compendium of ‘intriguing boundaries, territories and geographical curiosities’. And a timely book given the growing interest in international boundary issues following Brexit.

Here we present a selection of the tome’s astonishing revelations – and the maps that illustrate them – including the German town that’s not in the EU, the French-Swiss border that passes through the double bed in a honeymoon suite and Spain’s controversial territories in Morocco across the water from Gibraltar – one of which has the world’s shortest land border.We also bring tidings of the town split in two by the U.S–Canada border and the capital city that’s a ghost town.

Source: The world’s most unusual borders, from the German town not in the EU to Spain’s mini Gibraltars | Daily Mail Online

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Very funny stuff.

How messy human “planners” can be and you’d think it would be easy to fix!


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Democrats Set a Bear Trap – WSJ

It is infuriating that members of America’s leadership class so often show themselves to the world as self-enriching. As a nation we spent the 20th century presenting ourselves to the world as a truly moral leader, a self sacrificing country, one to be looked up to. In the 21st century our political figures and their families too often look like scrounging grifters—Americans with connections who can be hired, who leverage connections to fame for profit. There’s a fairly constant air of soft corruption, of an easy, seamy reality of big-power back scratching.

Source: Democrats Set a Bear Trap – WSJ

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All — almost all — politicians and bureaucrats are despicable in their corruption.

When will we realize that we don’t need “leaders”?

We do need systems that are automagic and incorruptible?

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231 House Democrats Vote to Proceed with Impeachment of Trump

While the procedures are slightly D.C. insider-sounding, this vote, forced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, represents the first time the lower Chamber of Congress has officially gone on record with regard to the impeachment of Trump, and it forces vulnerable Democrats who were waffling on whether to publicly back removal of the president from office by force on the record in support of the radical leftist wing of the party.

Source: 231 House Democrats Vote to Proceed with Impeachment of Trump

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Interesting if this hurts the vulnerable D’s and helps the R’s in general.

The politics are fascinating.

All other issues have been pushed to the side to impeach.

Do they really think that the R controlled Senate will remove a sitting President?

It’s never happened before.

And, what will be the results to Ds of a failed  removal?

Could it be the end of the D’s as a party?

As a little L libertarian, I hope that the Libertarian Party can move up to second place as I think the D’d will dissolve into: a radical left socialist party (20%), a green party (10%), and a fragment of its former self a alternative to the R’s (20%).  Hopefully the L’s will inherit 25% of the leftover and the rest just abandon politics entirely.

One can only hope.

— 30 — Fark Video Player (10567165) I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s a beautiful Nordic woman summoning cows with an ancient herding call

In the middle of the bright summernight I went out to call for the cows. I thought that maybe, something deep inside them, remember the sounds from the ancient times when people called for them over far distances.

Source: Fark Video Player (10567165) I have no idea what you’re talking about, so here’s a beautiful Nordic woman summoning cows with an ancient herding call

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Strangely melodic.

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The Coup Has Begun – The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

“I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further.”Darth Vader, “The Empire Strikes Back”

Source: The Coup Has Begun – The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere – Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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Brits and Americans alike are learning the terrible lesson that it is time to put away childish things like representative government and that elections matter. They don’t. You will be presented with nothing but Hobson’s Choices from here forward.

The image you hold in your head of your country is not the reality of the one you live in.

The dystopia is real.

*** end quote ***

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I have no idea how to reverse course and recover the “American Experiment”.

I have some bullet points:

  • End the Fed; reestablish a gold standard
  • End Gooferment Skrules
  • Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment
  • Make the FDA an advisory body
  • Kill the unconstitutional agencies: DOE, DOEd, HUD, etc. etc.

That would be a great start back to freedom, imho.

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When Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse?

Two conditions must be in place before the dollar could collapse.

First, there must be an underlying weakness. Between 2002 and 2018, the dollar declined 6% according to the U.S. Dollar Index. Why? The U.S. debt almost tripled during that period, from $6 trillion to $22 trillion. The debt-to-gross domestic product ratio exceeded 100%. That increased the chance the United States would let the dollar’s value slide so it could repay its debt with cheaper money.

Second, there must be a viable currency alternative for everyone to buy. The dollar’s strength is based on its use as the world’s reserve currency. The dollar became the reserve currency in 1973 when President Richard Nixon abandoned the gold standard. As a global currency, the dollar is used for half of all cross-border transactions. That requires central banks to hold the dollar in their reserves to pay for these transactions. As a result, 61% of these foreign currency reserves are in dollars.

Source: When Will the U.S. Dollar Collapse?

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Just like the now fake “half gallon” of ice cream, they also look for ways to save money.

True. But it’s not about “saving money”, imho it’s about “disguising the price increase” from “We, The Sheeple”.  And subsequently placing the blame on the FED (note 1) who has eliminated “penny candy”.  The dollar has lost almost all its purchasing power during our lifetime.  All to facilitate the out of control spending by politicians and bureaucrats at all levels.

Argh!  Makes me crazy. And not crazy haha, but crazy nuts that people don’t see it.  Or if they do, they don’t care.

(note 1) The Federal Reserve Bank is a misnomer. IT ain’t “federal”. It reserves nothing. And, it ain’t a “bank”. It is a private cartel of the elite banks run for their benefit and that of the entrenched politicians.

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Feds: Venezuelans smuggled gold into Miami by plane | Miami Herald

After being detained, Sanchez Rojas, 41, told federal agents that he obtained the gold from “multiple sources” in Venezuela and planned to sell it in the United States, according to the affidavit. He said he was working for an “organization [that] had previously smuggled gold into the U.S.” and expected to receive a fee. Fossi Grieco, 51, said he met people in Venezuela to pick up the gold and stored it in the nose of the plane for two days before flying to Fort Lauderdale. He said he was to receive a commission for successful delivery of the smuggled metal, which weighed 230 pounds, according to federal agents.

Source: Feds: Venezuelans smuggled gold into Miami by plane | Miami Herald

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Gold is money … … and this demonstrates it!

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How Greta Thunberg’s rise could backfire on environmentalists

Just how inspiring or even persuasive you find Greta’s speeches and overall activism likely depends on where you stand on the political spectrum. There are plenty of politicians and regular voters claiming to be inspired by her words and passion. There are also lots of observers expressing general alarm at what they see as an indoctrinated child being coerced by adults to make their political arguments with her youth as a shield from any criticism.

Source: How Greta Thunberg’s rise could backfire on environmentalists

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As I’ve said, there’s a bunch of adults pulling her strings.


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Greta Thunberg nearly cries as she calls out UN leaders for stealing her future | Daily Mail Online

Environment activist Greta Thunberg furiously broke down in tears while speaking at the U.N. Climate summit in NY on Monday, calling out leaders for stealing her generation’s future.

Source: Greta Thunberg nearly cries as she calls out UN leaders for stealing her future | Daily Mail Online

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Environment activist Greta Thunberg made a fiery appearance at the United Nations Climate Summit on Monday where she broke down in tears while furiously scolding international delegates. ‘I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us for hope. How dare you. You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,’ the 16-year-old Swedish activist thundered in her speech at the Climate Action Summit 2019 in New York. Thunberg was seen at the UN headquarters Monday morning with an enraged expression on her face as US President Donald Trump upstaged her entrance by walking in behind her flanked by news reporters. The UN summit convened to have nations make plans to confront global warming and rising fossil fuel emissions.

*** end quote ***

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“stolen my dreams and my childhood”?


I don’t understand that.  Other than it makes a nice headline.

Hard to imaging that this “sixteen year old” hasn’t had “adult” coaching?


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Why a Resource Like is So Necessary |

Indeed, “a release about a study of ultrasonography [ultrasound] reducing tumors in mice, titled ‘Researchers study the use of ultrasound for treatment of cancer,’” failed to add “for your pet mouse.”

Source: Why a Resource Like is So Necessary |

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Hurricane Hugo: SC coastal buildings booms after storm | The State

When Hurricane Hugo hit Georgetown County 30 years ago, the big storm pounded a barren sand spit at the south end of Litchfield Beach, chewing up dunes and eroding the oceanfront, before cutting through South Carolina on a trail of destruction.

Source: Hurricane Hugo: SC coastal buildings booms after storm | The State

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rThe moral hazard of “Federal Gooferment” flood insurance!

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Trump Admin Tells UNC, Duke to Revise Islam Program or Lose Taxpayer Funds | Breitbart

The U.S. Department of Education says that Duke and UNC are misusing a federal grant to advance “ideological priorities,” and is ordering the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies (CMES) to revise its joint program by September 22 or risk losing federal funding, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Source: Trump Admin Tells UNC, Duke to Revise Islam Program or Lose Taxpayer Funds | Breitbart

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Why are ANY taxpayer funds going to “education”?



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‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Review: Sylvester Stallone Tells a Vital Truth the Media Won’t

Along the way, Rambo receives courageous help from Carmen Delgado (Paz Vega) an “independent journalist,” because Last Blood wants to remind us that establishment journalists want nothing to do with this truth.

We also get a dispiriting look at our ridiculously inept border fencing, which elicited laughter in the audience, and there’s one brief moment where I thought I caught Rambo smiling — and it was glorious.

“I want revenge. I want them to know death is coming.” And so it does, wrapped in truth.

This one’s for the Angel Moms … on both sides of the border.

Source: ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Review: Sylvester Stallone Tells a Vital Truth the Media Won’t

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Hope it does well at the box office to send a message to “Hollywood celebrities”!

“I want revenge” too!!!

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Nolte: Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

LIST OF DOOMSDAY PREDICTIONS THE CLIMATE ALARMIST GOT WRONGHere is the source for numbers 1-27. As you will see, the individual sources are not crackpots, but scientific studies and media reports on “expert” predictions. The sources for numbers 28-41 are linked individually.1967: Dire Famine Forecast By 19751969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989 (1969)1970: Ice Age By 20001970: America Subject to Water Rationing By 1974 and Food Rationing By 19801971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 20301972: New Ice Age By 20701974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast1974: Another Ice Age?1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent1980: Acid Rain Kills Life In Lakes1978: No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend1988: Regional Droughts (that never happened) in 1990s1988: Temperatures in DC Will Hit Record Highs1988: Maldive Islands will Be Underwater by 2018 (they’re not)1989: Rising Sea Levels will Obliterate Nations if Nothing Done by 20001989: New York City’s West Side Highway Underwater by 2019 (it’s not)2000: Children Won’t Know what Snow Is2002: Famine In 10 Years If We Don’t Give Up Eating Fish, Meat, and Dairy2004: Britain will Be Siberia by 20242008: Arctic will Be Ice Free by 20182008: Climate Genius Al Gore Predicts Ice-Free Arctic by 20132009: Climate Genius Prince Charles Says we Have 96 Months to Save World2009: UK Prime Minister Says 50 Days to ‘Save The Planet From Catastrophe’2009: Climate Genius Al Gore Moves 2013 Prediction of Ice-Free Arctic to 20142013: Arctic Ice-Free by 20152014: Only 500 Days Before ‘Climate Chaos’1968: Overpopulation Will Spread Worldwide1970: World Will Use Up All its Natural Resources1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years1977: Department of Energy Says Oil will Peak in 90s1980: Peak Oil In 20001996: Peak Oil in 20202002: Peak Oil in 20102006: Super Hurricanes!2005 : Manhattan Underwater by 20151970: Urban Citizens Will Require Gas Masks by 19851970: Nitrogen buildup Will Make All Land Unusable1970: Decaying Pollution Will Kill all the Fish1970s: Killer Bees!

Source: Nolte: Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

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That’s pretty funny!

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Facebook Declares It’s a ‘Publisher,’ Can Censor Whomever It Wants

Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected – but its legal immunity thus far has rested on a law that protects platforms, not publishers. Which is it?

Facebook has declared it has the right, as a publisher, to exercise its own free speech and bar conservative political performance artist Laura Loomer from its platform.

Even calling her a dangerous extremist is allowed under the First Amendment, because it’s merely an opinion, Facebook claims in its motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Loomer.

But Facebook has always defined itself as a tech company providing a platform for users’ speech in the past, a definition that has come to appear increasingly ridiculous in the era of widespread politically-motivated censorship.

Source: Facebook Declares It’s a ‘Publisher,’ Can Censor Whomever It Wants

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That seems like a huge mistake.

As a “platform”, it avoids the legal liability for what’s put on its site.

As a “publisher”, it takes responsibility for what is posted.

Seems like a gigantic gaff!

Where are its lawyers?

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Beto O’Rourke’s gift to the GOP :: Jeff Jacoby

During the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate last Thursday, O’Rourke dropped the pretense that he “jealously guard[s]” gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. When ABC moderator David Muir asked him whether it’s true that he would force owners of semiautomatic rifles — “You know that critics call this confiscation. Are you proposing taking away their guns?” — the former Texas congressman was bluntness itself:

“Hell, yes!” he replied, as the audience of Democratic Party activists cheered. “We’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Within the hour, the O’Rourke campaign put out a fundraising tweet playing up his anti-gun stance. Under a picture of an AR-15, it proclaimed: “Beto has a ban for that.” Forty-five minutes later, the campaign was marketing a new T-shirt. “HELL YES WE’RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR AR-15” it says in red, white, and blue letters. ($30; available in sizes from XS to 3XL).

Source: Beto O’Rourke’s gift to the GOP :: Jeff Jacoby

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Μολὼν λαβέ

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GOP Senate Plans Vote to Outsource College Graduate America | Breitbart

The backdoor is the uncapped and huge “Optional Practical Training” program.

In 2017, 530,000 foreign graduates held one-year work permits via the OPT and the affiliated “CPT” programs. Almost 90,000 of those workers also held a 24-month extension because they won technology-intensive degrees at American colleges. Many of the foreigners register at low-status colleges so they can get a second or even a third OPT work permit.

There is no cap on the OPT program, so any and every foreign third-level student or graduate can get a work permit via the OPT program.

Source: GOP Senate Plans Vote to Outsource College Graduate America | Breitbart

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This doesn’t seem very smart?

How are the young Americans going to pay their student loans?

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Woman comes forward as the winner of $522MILLION lottery prize three months after the draw  | Daily Mail Online

Her ticket was worth $522million, officials said, and Bibal opted for the cash option – which granted her $340million before federal taxes.

Source: Woman comes forward as the winner of $522MILLION lottery prize three months after the draw  | Daily Mail Online

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Good for her. At least it wasn’t lost.  Then the Gooferment really winds!


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Donald Trump: ‘Dummy’ Beto O’Rourke Wants to Take Your Guns

President Donald Trump criticized former Rep. Beto O’Rourke on Wednesday for his new-found push to ban AR-15s and AK-47s.

“Dummy Beto made it much harder to make a deal,” he wrote. “Convinced many that Dems just want to take your guns away. Will continue forward!”

Source: Donald Trump: ‘Dummy’ Beto O’Rourke Wants to Take Your Guns

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Successful Retirees ‘No Longer Welcomed’ in Connecticut

“The fact that public employee unions elect politicians with whom they later negotiate contracts represents an unambiguous conflict of interest that is at the root of Connecticut’s problem,” they write. “Think about it: Would you get bigger raises if you were responsible for your boss’s continued employment?”

Source: Successful Retirees ‘No Longer Welcomed’ in Connecticut

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Finally someone has realized the corruption of Gooferment Unions electing Gooferment politicians.  It’s a circle jerk of the taxpayers.


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: I said … make the FDA an advisory body


September 17, 2019

Dear Mr. Reinke,

Thank you for contacting my office regarding prescription drug prices. As your representative in Congress, it is important that I hear your opinions and concerns. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me, and I am pleased to respond to you on this matter.

I strongly believe in making prescription drugs more affordable. Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world, on average three times more for generic drugs than in other similar countries. Vital medication, such as Insulin, costs thousands of dollars a year forcing many Americans to choose between their medication and groceries. I fear that prescription drug prices will continue to be an undue burden for many Americans unless Congress takes action.

I am determined to take action and fight for answers regarding lower prescription drug prices. On March 8th, 2019, I introduced H.R. 1643, the PrEP Assistance Program Act, which establishes a federal program that provides grants for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication. This bill serves as an example for how Congress can make life-saving medication affordable and accessible to all Americans. In addition, I am proud to cosponsor H.R. 1868, the Health Care Affordability Act of 2019, which amends the tax code to improve affordability and reduce your premium costs.

You may be interested to know more about the steps that my colleagues in Congress and I are taking to address high prescription drug prices. On May 16th, 2019, I voted for H.R. 987, the Strengthening Health Care and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs Act, which passed by a vote of 234-183. This bill would ban stalling tactics and pay-for-delay practices by brand name pharmaceutical companies that limit your access to cheap generic drugs. This bill would also establish health insurance exchanges that ensure you will have access to more information about the benefits you are entitled to under your health plan.

In the 116th Congress, we have the opportunity to pass legislation in the House that will benefit our country, so I encourage you to continue to express your concerns and opinions with me and my office. I value your input and participation in our democratic process. You can learn more about my activities in Congress by visiting my website at, contacting my office at 202-225-5801, and following me on social media. Again, thank you for expressing your thoughts to me.

Bonnie Watson Coleman

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I said do nothing but make the FDA an advisory body.  And she sends me this!


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