Nolte: Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

LIST OF DOOMSDAY PREDICTIONS THE CLIMATE ALARMIST GOT WRONGHere is the source for numbers 1-27. As you will see, the individual sources are not crackpots, but scientific studies and media reports on “expert” predictions. The sources for numbers 28-41 are linked individually.1967: Dire Famine Forecast By 19751969: Everyone Will Disappear In a Cloud Of Blue Steam By 1989 (1969)1970: Ice Age By 20001970: America Subject to Water Rationing By 1974 and Food Rationing By 19801971: New Ice Age Coming By 2020 or 20301972: New Ice Age By 20701974: Space Satellites Show New Ice Age Coming Fast1974: Another Ice Age?1974: Ozone Depletion a ‘Great Peril to Life1976: Scientific Consensus Planet Cooling, Famines imminent1980: Acid Rain Kills Life In Lakes1978: No End in Sight to 30-Year Cooling Trend1988: Regional Droughts (that never happened) in 1990s1988: Temperatures in DC Will Hit Record Highs1988: Maldive Islands will Be Underwater by 2018 (they’re not)1989: Rising Sea Levels will Obliterate Nations if Nothing Done by 20001989: New York City’s West Side Highway Underwater by 2019 (it’s not)2000: Children Won’t Know what Snow Is2002: Famine In 10 Years If We Don’t Give Up Eating Fish, Meat, and Dairy2004: Britain will Be Siberia by 20242008: Arctic will Be Ice Free by 20182008: Climate Genius Al Gore Predicts Ice-Free Arctic by 20132009: Climate Genius Prince Charles Says we Have 96 Months to Save World2009: UK Prime Minister Says 50 Days to ‘Save The Planet From Catastrophe’2009: Climate Genius Al Gore Moves 2013 Prediction of Ice-Free Arctic to 20142013: Arctic Ice-Free by 20152014: Only 500 Days Before ‘Climate Chaos’1968: Overpopulation Will Spread Worldwide1970: World Will Use Up All its Natural Resources1966: Oil Gone in Ten Years1972: Oil Depleted in 20 Years1977: Department of Energy Says Oil will Peak in 90s1980: Peak Oil In 20001996: Peak Oil in 20202002: Peak Oil in 20102006: Super Hurricanes!2005 : Manhattan Underwater by 20151970: Urban Citizens Will Require Gas Masks by 19851970: Nitrogen buildup Will Make All Land Unusable1970: Decaying Pollution Will Kill all the Fish1970s: Killer Bees!

Source: Nolte: Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

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That’s pretty funny!

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Facebook Declares It’s a ‘Publisher,’ Can Censor Whomever It Wants

Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected – but its legal immunity thus far has rested on a law that protects platforms, not publishers. Which is it?

Facebook has declared it has the right, as a publisher, to exercise its own free speech and bar conservative political performance artist Laura Loomer from its platform.

Even calling her a dangerous extremist is allowed under the First Amendment, because it’s merely an opinion, Facebook claims in its motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Loomer.

But Facebook has always defined itself as a tech company providing a platform for users’ speech in the past, a definition that has come to appear increasingly ridiculous in the era of widespread politically-motivated censorship.

Source: Facebook Declares It’s a ‘Publisher,’ Can Censor Whomever It Wants

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That seems like a huge mistake.

As a “platform”, it avoids the legal liability for what’s put on its site.

As a “publisher”, it takes responsibility for what is posted.

Seems like a gigantic gaff!

Where are its lawyers?

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Beto O’Rourke’s gift to the GOP :: Jeff Jacoby

During the Democratic presidential candidates’ debate last Thursday, O’Rourke dropped the pretense that he “jealously guard[s]” gun owners’ Second Amendment rights. When ABC moderator David Muir asked him whether it’s true that he would force owners of semiautomatic rifles — “You know that critics call this confiscation. Are you proposing taking away their guns?” — the former Texas congressman was bluntness itself:

“Hell, yes!” he replied, as the audience of Democratic Party activists cheered. “We’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

Within the hour, the O’Rourke campaign put out a fundraising tweet playing up his anti-gun stance. Under a picture of an AR-15, it proclaimed: “Beto has a ban for that.” Forty-five minutes later, the campaign was marketing a new T-shirt. “HELL YES WE’RE GOING TO TAKE YOUR AR-15” it says in red, white, and blue letters. ($30; available in sizes from XS to 3XL).

Source: Beto O’Rourke’s gift to the GOP :: Jeff Jacoby

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Μολὼν λαβέ

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