Have Online Reviews Lost All Value? – WSJ

Chris McCabe, who evaluated seller performance while employed at Amazon and who now runs a consulting firm for its retailers, estimates the number of inauthentic reviews on the site to be around 30%. Amazon estimates it at less than 1% and said it spent more than $400 million last year alone to protect customers from reviews abuse, fraud and misconduct, leading to action against more than 5 million reviewers. Even so, “Amazon doesn’t have the right defenses,” Mr. McCabe said.

Source: Have Online Reviews Lost All Value? – WSJ

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I always found the reviews worthless.

But, I could be wrong.  if only there was a way to only see the reviews of my contacts?

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Angel Moms to Congress: ‘You Are Co-Conspirators’ in Deaths of Our Kids

Angel Moms, whose children have been killed by illegal aliens, spoke directly to Congress on Capitol Hill this week, declaring pro-illegal immigration politicians the “co-conspirators” in their loved ones’ deaths.

During a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, Angel Moms Angie Morfin, Maureen Maloney, and Vicki Lyons demanded action from Congress to stop illegal immigration into the United States and thus save the lives of Americans and legal immigrants who may become the victims of illegal alien crime.

Lyon, who lost her daughter Nikki in 2001 when an illegal alien hit and killed her, said politicians who support illegal aliens and the sanctuary city policies that protect them from deportation are “co-conspirators” in deaths like her daughter’s.

Source: Angel Moms to Congress: ‘You Are Co-Conspirators’ in Deaths of Our Kids

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I certainly agree with them.

I don’t understand the D’s “sympathy” for CRIMINAL illegal immigrants.  They deserve to be shipped back to where they came from.

Can’t have a nation with a welfare state without strict immigration controls.  Eliminate welfare and we can be a lot more “welcoming”.  Not that that is going to happen anytime soon.

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