Texas Governor Upset Over Lack Of Background Check For Odessa Killer

The rampage killing in Odessa, Texas marred what should have been a holiday weekend. It was also the second mass shooting within a month for the state of Texas. While Texas isn’t exactly a small state, that’s still got to be troubling for anyone in office there.

Source: Texas Governor Upset Over Lack Of Background Check For Odessa Killer

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Governor Greg Abbot noted that apparently, the killer didn’t undergo a background check for the weapon he used after previously failing a gun purchase background check.

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Key word is “apparently”.

If it is true, and that may be a big if, then possibly it may need to be addressed.

Perhaps, all gun sales must be done or “mediated” by a licensed firearm dealer?

Perhaps, it’s such a rarity that it’s not worth the effort.

I saw that in Virginia, when someone fails a background check, the State police are called and interview the person.  In the case, I witnessed the person was a felon and was arrested on the spot.

Perhaps, reinforcing the existing response to a “disqualification” might suffice.

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Fauxcahontas to Utility Companies Using Carbon-Based Fuel: ‘2035, You’re Done’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) declined to go as far as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in calling for the public ownership of utilities during CNN’s climate change town hall Wednesday evening, but she said she will tell utility companies that use carbon-based fuel that they are “done” by 2035.“Bernie Sanders has endorsed the idea of the public ownership of utilities, arguing that we can’t adequately solve this crisis without removing the profit motive from the distribution of essential needs like energy,” an attendee said.

Source: Warren to Utility Companies Using Carbon-Based Fuel: ‘2035, You’re Done’

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Fauxcahontas, aka Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), is clueless about the economics of energy.  “We” could minimize carbon if we embraced nuclear power like France and Germany do.  But she just want to put us further under the Gooferment’s “thumb”.

IMHO Fauxcahontas is not a serious candidate because of her claim of being an Indian to advance her academic employment was basically dishonest.  So she’s an opportunist who can’t be trusted.

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